Friday, 30 November 2007

sf design 'winter warmer' collection

Finally!! this set has taken me way longer than intended but at last its out, winter sets for men and women and all available as separates too!
I chose natural colours and natural looking textures for the winter warmers outfits and boots.

The coat comes with 3 versions - vest , bomber jacket, and coat, each with prim attachments - the coat with flexi - 2 sizes included.

The suede pants are available in 3 colours , the chocolate pair is included in the winter set. The come both on pant and underpant layer. If youre in the sf design update group the tan pair are free!!
You can buy the set which includes coat, pants, sweater and boots ( plus skirt and tights in womens version) for 500 lindens or as separates.

Lots of options so do come and see them at SF Design Innisfree
these items are no trans so if you would like them gift wrapped and sent , please let me know - they will be available on slexchange very soon though.

Models in individual ads- Benu Boyer and Melinda Jensen
Melinda is wearing a skin by Ayiki Takakura, called AYSK-Normal NS2 package - Ayiki skins are now available at the SF Design store Innisfree and well worth trying a demo :)


Pie Psaltery said...

I feel warmer already :)

Jammy said...

thanks to sf design u too can have a perfect ass with these pants :)