Friday, 22 July 2011

Theyre changing guard at Buckingham palace..

I was pleased to be asked to design the outfits for Mr virtual world finalist Aspen Parx (Mr UK)
This is one of the outfits a grenadier guard uniform as worn by one of the regiments of the Queens Foot Guards. Now available in our costume store.
This is full dress uniform consisting of red tunic with white leather buff belt and bearskin hat.
As well as badge differences the grenadiers uniform is distinguised from others by the singularly spaced buttons. The collar sports the grenade badge and a white plume is worn on the left side of the hat. Shoes and gloves are included with the outfit.

sf design pippa blouses and boho skirts

more summery delights in store for the ladies - these blouses are a special offer 3 for just 100L! sculpted with little puff sleeves theyre ideal for wearing with jeans or skirts.

By request Ive made some matching boho skirts both long and short included in the set - in a choice of 3 colours.