Thursday, 20 March 2014

New exclusive mesh for women @ sf design

 New Exclusive mesh for the ladies in store now
come and try a demo :)

sf design untucked shirt and leggings (can be worn separately)
 - casual relaxed style which combines detail and quality with low impact mesh.

The mesh comes in 6 sizes and includes alpha layers for shirt and leggings separately or combined.

If you have problems with the alphas or need extra alphas please do contact me.

The sets are available in 6 colours

Friday, 7 March 2014

sf unisex clothes FREE gift

We have a new group gift in the store - offering you a cool mix of mesh and non mesh - something for everyone.
For the ladies a retro style party dress with a spring floral fabric - a non mesh bodice with modifiable mesh puffed sleeves and back tie. A choice of flexi mid length or rigged mesh mini length skirts make this dress really versatile.

For the guys an open neck shirt - non mesh with tucked and untucked versions - modifiable mesh collar and cuffs with cufflinks, easily resized. A choice of mesh or non mesh waistcoats complete this casual look.
Simply wear your sf unisex clothes group tag and come on into the store to collect your gift.