Saturday, 20 February 2010

SF Design Captains shirts

ok im a sucker for the swashbuckling look - ive brought out another romantic style shirt this one laced up more than the poet's shirt - with a collar and flexi frills adding a flamboyant touch. The shirt is textured with a fabric covered in the tudo rose symbol. The sleeves subtly blouson to the double laced cuffs.
The shirt also comes with 2 sculpted waist parts for tucked and untucked looks.

The shirt comes in 5 colours , red , black , white, purple and blue and is available as a fat pack.

mod/copy versions available on request :)

Model - Adeon Silverfall
skin - Unique - Christopher (modified)
Hair - Robin from Uw St.
shape - MADesigns
pants - sf design stud leather jeans

Sunday, 14 February 2010

sf design valentine gifts

There are a range of items at SF Design perfect for your valentine gifts , new in this week we have some beautiful classy cufflinks made by Accacia Brissot - they come in a beautiful high prim presentation case - (if this is a problem a simple box can be arranged) with both the cufflinks and cufflinks attached to sculpted cuffs. The sculpted cuffs are scripted to texture change to one of 12 textures all from the sf design shirt range. They are also tintable by edit so you can wear these with just about any shirt. - They come in red, gold and silver.

Some of you may have seen the cheeky heart boxers at SF Design - ive revamped these and added a sculpted 'package' *cough , for those in a cheeky valentine mood we also have the kiss my.. boxers - both these designs come also in a slip format.

Items can be found in the window of SF Design menswear store Penryn and middle of the SF design mens casuals Lotus

Saturday, 6 February 2010

L'Amour Rouge

Specially with Valentine formals in mind sf design has released a new gown with 3 lengths of skirts making it especially versatile 
L'Amour Rouge is a fuller gown that I've made before and I wanted to make it particularly feminine and flouncy. The skirt comes in ballet, long or short lengths making it a great little party dress as well as ballgown. 
The fabric is a dark red with a lighter red over lace. A tight bodice with waist sash is detailed with a sculpted bow at the front , full skirt, matching gloves and shoes complete the outfit.

I sent my model Melinda off to see if she could find some jewelry perfect for this gown .

She found this gorgeous set called romance. beautifully detailed as always and just the match for this dress.
Styling notes
Model :- Melinda Jensen
skin : 13 Tan Skin -Leona- /*red hair*REDGRAVE*
hair  : fri. - Allison - Cranky Brown
Jewelry : Jewelry by jake Romance Gold/Ruby-The Collection
eyes : *yourSkin* - EyeReal_frozen