Friday, 28 September 2007

sfd Champagne Tuxedo

Many customers have asked me to do a white or cream tux, they are my personal nightmare! - Light coloured suits are so difficult to do well- as in sl different times of day give a different look to the suit and the skirt template join is unavoidable. My respect to the few designers who have managed to carry this off well - Vindi Vindaloo and Fnky in particular. But I have bent to pressure and the Champagne Tuxedo is the result.
It features both regular jacket and optional skirt lower jacket, plain dress shirt on shirt and undershirt layer - scripted bowtie - change colour at a touch from drop down menu, regular dress shirt with black bowtie on texture and matching pants. Mod/copy so you can tint and keep versions in different colours, but mod/trans available from me if needed. Seen here with sfd cream suede dress shoes- 100 lindens.

Model- Dice Stonebender
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sfd vest and shirt sets

These shirts and vests have been available at sf design for some time but I was made to take another look at them when i got a customer complaint. I knew i had made them back in 2005 so there was a good chance they really did need another look. Sure enough the usual issues were apparent - seams on tie collar and vest shoulders were not as accurate as they should have been and the tie itself wasnt even straight - shame on me :( So I have redone the shirts and vests and offered them for a lower price of just 70 each as separates. You can also get them as a set for 120 and this includes a prim tie attachement fitted to tuck in at vest or jacket opening but giving that necessary bulk at the neck instead of the flat painted look. However the original style shirt is also included so the prim attachment is optional.
I am offering a new colour -forest . If any customers require another colour please im me.
Also if you have the old version of these items please feel free to send them back to me and I'll send the update.

Friday, 21 September 2007

Captain Frock coats

The pirate captain frockcoat is now available separately from sf design for 180 lindens - it includes the 2 length of flexi coat and is available in black or red.

Model - Dice Stonebender

Thursday, 20 September 2007

sfd pirate captain ladies

Unfortunately due to a grief attack at Lotus i was very late getting this into the shops , having the sim go down a few times then being rolled back meant that even after i finally put it out it disappeared some time after i logged off, so apologies to those customers who came to buy last night. Heres the ladies captain outfit though :) dont let the guys have all the fun you too can command the high seas in style ;) original lady pirate speak wavs in this one :)
The frock coats will be soon on sale separately in a variety of colours

Wednesday, 19 September 2007

A new costume from sfd

Frock coats were on the request list and I'm afraid I got side tracked into making a new costume- SFD Pirate Captain. (something to do with the fabulous new pirate ship we bought for the island.!)
The outfit includes two lengths of flexi coat,hose, prim cuffs and collar, prim boots,shirt with flexi lace, and optional peg leg!!
Coincidentally I was informed by the radio this morning that it is National Talk Like a Pirate Day??? LOL so Jamir has kindly made some pirate wav/gestures 4 of which are included in this costume.

Model:-Togoth Daviau

'Bonni' wedding dress

A long time ago I made a dress for a special friend - bonni - in red and black , I have since been asked for it in blue and now in white as a wedding dress.
It follows the original bonni dress in design but extra lace in the skirt and also an alternative full skirt that covers the high cut at the front for the more demure brides! Comes with a simple lace veil and matching stiletto shoes.

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Autumn knits

Another suggestion from a dear friend Mowgli was some cable knit jumpers with matching hats - oh dear me he opened a can of worms - hats rarely fit everyones hair so it looked like time to try my hand at flexi hair making - at least it only needed to go round the hat ( respect due to all hair makers in sl!)
Here they are in both ladies and gents sizes - fully modifiable which means you can tint to your hearts content both hair, cap and sweater- , the sweater comes on shirt and jacket layer ( longer) and with rolled up sculptie sleeves.

Looking down my list of requests I noticed one for more long white shirts with patterns similar to my shirt with gold. Jamir came up with a cool idea based on some rl shirts where the pattern in on the inside of the shirt making it look more subtle on the outside. - Heres the 3 I came up with. This pack includes all 3 shirts in long and tucked form ( jacket and shirt layers) decorated front and back in 'oriental' pattern,'tribal'pattern and 'celtic'

New Ladies boots for September

About time I had a dabble in sculptie prims so here are my first efforts , included are 3 lengths of boot, ankle, calf length and knee length all in crushed velvet texture with flexi tassles on the side. Great with minis or shorts, these boots come in white, black/red, black/blue and black/purple

More nautical fun

We love messing about in boats on Innisfree and its great to see the visitors taking a trip in the gondolas so I thought it was about time I made a Gondoliers outfit. Striped tees in black and red are included , a boater with black ribbon and red ribbon, neckerchief, flexi waist sash and dress pants complete this outfit.

Naval outfit - updated

I started september with this request - an update of the Naval Uniform - I was asked to include a first officer jacket and of course being over 2 years old this outfit badly needed a refit when I started to retexture. So here it is for the same price the outfit now offers prim sleeves , 2 jackets (captains and first officers) and a better over all texture. If you have the old version feel free to drop it on me in game and I'll send you the update. - Thanks Soldeus for coming back to model this outfit again for me :)