Saturday, 27 September 2008

new autumn outfit from sf design

my new design - sf design autumn tweed is an attempt to create the warm comfortable look with an element of style.

The jacket can be worn with a flexi lower part or a back flap, the pants loose but not baggy sport front pleats and a rustic leather belt. The sweater with zip detail on the chest can be worn with or without the sculpted collar, it also comes tucked or untucked including an option to wear long with jacket. For a fashionable flourish wear the sculpted neckerchief.

All prims are modifiable - the sweater collar is menu resizeable. The sweater is tintable for you to create your own look.

SF Design model :- Burny Campese

Sunday, 21 September 2008

How to keep warm this autumn...

well one way at least is the SF Design trench coat for men. Created with the look of wool felt and detailed with a sculpted collar, cuffs, tabs and buttons this coat falls just below the knee and flexis perfectly when moving. Each prim attachment has been scripted for resizing by touch menu but also included is 2 sizes of each prim attachment for easy fitting.
The collar is included as chest or spine attach to allow for ties , however the collar is more suited to spine attach if anyone needs their sf design ties attached to chest so they can wear with this please im me.

model :- Kris Mounier
coat - sf design trench coat
pants - sfd countryboy jeans

Friday, 12 September 2008

Shaken not stirred with guest model Tiffany Dragonash

The new cocktail dress from sf design is perfect for dancing with its hand placed, layered, flexi fringe. A 20s style with a 60s hemline this dress is textured in sparkly black and its prim attachments are touch menu resizeable.
After seeing Tiffany's profile pic I thought she'd be perfect to model this dress for me.

Tiffany Dragonash is a Miss Sl Universe 2009 Finalist
EFA Titled Model and Model TrainerWriter for the EFA Fashion Blog,
Instyle Model and
Avenue Model Writer for Avenue Magazine. Added to all that she still finds a little time for other activities. Tiffany uploads and sells her real life nature and wildlife photos here. Playing the strategy fencing game of En Garde is also something she enjoys, and is a two time United En Garde tournamnet winner.
Tiffany is also wearing the new sculpted sandals from SF Design - sfd modern milly - totally modifiable so you can tint them yourself.

Skin: !Glamour Devine Light [Eye4,MSet4] M3
Hair: Diversit Hair, Mercy - Velvet
Jewelry: EarthStones Knotted Elegance I - Classic White Pearl

EarthStones Timeless Pearl Earring - White Pearl/Platinum

Dress: sfd martine cocktail dress

Shoes: sfd modern milly sandals

Sunday, 7 September 2008

black is back - new releases from SF Design

If you're a fan of the SFD Essentials shirt you'll know all the options that come with it and how versatile it is , now its available in black with a white tintable tie. All the options of the white version - 3 styles of shirt - open, open neck and buttoned , all either tucked or untucked , 3 styles of ties - loose , open and tied, and now added 2 styles of sculpted collar scripted for resizing. Available in both womens and mens fittings.

Also released this week the sfd slouch boots with a low heel in both in both men and womens sizes. The boots are carefully sculpted with buckle detail at the ankle, included are both long and ankle length boots , scripted for menu resizing.
Ideal for rp or just wearing with jeans.

Monday, 1 September 2008

sf design Gladiators - new sandals - and an updated toga

Im slowly updating some of the popular older items and it was the Toga's turn last week - its not only had an overhaul as far as the textures go but ive added some prim attachments - some sculpted some flexi - all of which have the resizing scripts in them for easy modifying- dont worry shy guys theres a pair or roman underpants included too :) As always return your old toga for a free updated one.

To go with the toga I've made some roman
style sandals available in male or female fit - with a detailed texture and flexi prim beaded laces at the back of the ankle. These also have the resize script in them for fitting and demos are available at innisfree and lotus stores.

SF Design model - Dice Stonebender - hair Naughty- "OC" in Black Pearl
- skin -Naughty Beach tan Facial Hair 3