Saturday, 28 June 2008

sf design Angel

sf design Angel is a hot sweet summer outfit great for clubbing or the beach
Each set includes halter bikini top, shorts , hotpants and halter top with baby doll flexi and flexi ties. The flexis move wonderfully when dancing , the top goes equally well with jeans or leather too. The outfit comes in white, pink or blue and is mod copy .

sf design model :- Melinda Jensen
skin :-(SdR) Tone E Bare eye Plum lip skin (pixeldolls)
hair :-Maitreya - Sophie

Sunday, 22 June 2008

new costume by sf design

The tarmac still glowed with heat from the June sun as Jack made his way to the plane. This was the last flight before his vacation in Paris, he grinned ruefully as he shifted the weight of the bag on his shoulder. A certain someone dressed from head to feet in Dior would be waiting for him.

outfit and bag - SFD pilot costume -300
skin- David - Adam n Eve
Hair - Flicked - Adam n Eve (adapted)

Friday, 20 June 2008

patriotic flag shorts

I hate to leave the guys out so heres your chance to be patriotic with sfd flag shorts - each short comes on both underpant and pant layer with a flexi prim tie at the waist . At the moment they are available in the flags of germany , sweden, france , netherlands, spain, britain, america, italy , canada and australia, with Portugal on its way by customer request :)

Friday, 13 June 2008

new flag bikinis @ sf design

A couple of years ago i brought out some flag bikinis - someone asked me to make a swedish version and as always happens when i went to look at things i made a while ago I wanted to tweak lol - so i have updated the usa, uk and australian flag bikinis and added german,
spanish, french, dutch, swedish, italian and canadian. Plus all ladies swimwear is now 80 lindens or less at Innisfree and Lotus

guest model :- Shallonda Goldenberg

Wednesday, 11 June 2008

Ride For Relay

I'm pretty bad at saying no, and even worse at saying no to Nevar Lobo or the Relay Raiders team, so when Nomad Rovio contacted me asking me to make london transport uniforms for the Ride For Relay event (with 3 days notice) I relented reluctantly. Im so glad i did what a great team they are , i went over for the preview last night and the set is great!!
So get on down to the London Underground for a truly unique sl experience and hear the talented Spence Wilder today Wednesday 11th at 11am game time and 7pm game time.
Help us fight cancer!

Friday, 6 June 2008

sf design 'Isambard'

SF Design 'Isambard' is a new suit for men with a large dose of Victoriana and a spoonful of romantic flamboyancy.
A Frock coat and pants in a subtle check fabric with matching top hat, frilled shirt with sculpted collar, tie option, sculpted shirt cuffs for wearing without coat, scarlet embroidered silk vest and 3 sizes of flexi coat are included - guaranteed to make you look like a gentleman ;)
I teamed them up with some awesome shoes by Jeepers Creepers - Sebastian in red - these really are gentlemens' shoes and Eponymous Trenchmouth has an amazing ability with prims and textures perfect to add a touch of colour to this outfit.