Wednesday, 19 November 2014

Tuesday, 30 September 2014

Easy on the eye and easy to wear.

Finally nearly a year after I started learning mesh I am able to bring you my first mesh tuxedo.
This is a mesh version of the popular SF Design Godfather Tuxedo and its not just for the gentlemen!
Both ladies and mens versions come with modifiable shoes and a colour change hud for the boutineer.
Demos are available in our High Society Store or on the Marketplace. Please try one before buying , the tuxedo is one mesh item which means you can just click and wear .

Sunday, 7 September 2014

Supersales Weekend - shoes for 75L

You have a few hours left to grab these brand new modifiable mesh shoes for just 75L each on our supersales weekend board. 
They will be available from Monday onwards in the shoe stores for the full  price of 150L

Monday, 18 August 2014

Exclusive Group Gift

SF Design Icon Shades
Possibly the only sunglasses you need - and theyre FREE - for sf unisex clothes group members.
Change to any of 12 preset frame colours - and any of 12 preset lense textures.
Not right for you still? use the hud to customize your own frame colour, your own lense tint AND transparency.

Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Try it Inworldz!

If you are a virtual world fan its worth taking a look at Inworldz - especially if you are a builder or creator. This opensim based world looks alot like an older version of Second Life but is bang up to date with a mesh enabled viewer.
As a builder, creator or land owner the benefits are obvious - uploads are free and sims are $75 USD with 45K prims , also a 5000! group limit. - Take into account though when selling your I'z -(the Inworldz currency ) 500 is equivalent to $1 compared with Second Life's Lindens - 263 = $1. (current selling values)
SF Design has had a mainstore in Inworldz since 2010 and we also have a presence in the wonderful Mimi Juneau's store there too.
Since creating my own mesh I have been able to take several outfits to Inworldz and am planning more.
The latest items there include the sf design Alice high heels with feet (not mesh)- complete with new hud giving you great options for colour change.
Check out our store here -

Saturday, 9 August 2014

New for men

New mesh outfit for men in the store - totally tintable!
Create your own colour ways by simply tinting in edit . The rigged mesh tshirt and shorts come in 5 sizes and can be worn separately . The tshirt has a border that can be tinted a different colour too. 
Available in store and on the marketplace with demo
Also available in Inworldz

Saturday, 19 July 2014

New colours in our formal slip ons for men

Check out the new colours of our formal slip ons for men - made in mesh with a leather look , these shoes look equally good with jeans or a tux.

Play with me! - sf design mesh playsuits

Sf Design - exclusive new mesh playsuits 
Fun and versatile strapless playsuits - long and short versions included 6 sizes included ranging from xxs to xl
Demo available in store.

Sunday, 6 July 2014

scorchio .!..Group gift... sf design denim shorties

 Theres a new group gift in the sf design stores for men and women - -sexy short shorts!
Mesh shorts in faded denim with an extra pair sporting the stars n stripes.
Join the sf unisex clothes group to pick these up free this month.
Find them to the left of the NEW boards in the middle of both the ladies and mens casual stores on Penryn.
 Also free for a limited time a fun pair of usa shades - anyone can grab these off the new board while they are available.

Saturday, 14 June 2014

SF Design FFL Explorer- exclusive for fashion for life

If you didn't already know Fashion For Life in sl has started - 'Fashion for Life is the oldest and grandest of Second Life’s fashion event and one of Relay For Life of SL’s mega-events. It’s a ten sim fashion event featuring the generous offerings of more than 150 designers of clothing, accessories and poses ' Percentages from ALL sales are going to Cancer Research.
I have a new exclusive mesh outfit for men and women at the event sf design explorer - mesh safari suit with shorts (can be worn separately and pith helmet.) Demos available - you can pick up a free safari hat too in my store, with hat hair.
You will find us on the Meander Sim 


Sunday, 4 May 2014

Must have shoes!

The sf unisex clothes group has a new gift! There is a 100L fee to join the group but you've already gained by grabbing these great shoes.
Not only new but exclusive - !
My latest mesh work are these formal shoes for men and a style for women - an essential for your wardrobe these leather look shoes go with evening wear or jeans.
The mesh is modifiable and you get a pair with or without resizers. The resizers work along any axis so you should get the perfect fit.
For the guys - sf design formal slipons
For the girls sf design sadie stilettos

Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Exclusive new mesh for men - only available at MWFW

Menswear Fashion Week has started - offering many exclusive new items for men from many designers. Each designer is also offering a new item between 50 and 149L

SF Design has released our first mesh suit - indigo jeans, navy shawl collared jacket with polka dot hankie and a jacket with pinstriped denim vest/waistcoat , shirt and bowtie insert. So not only can you wear this as a set but wear the jacket with other items or the jeans separately.
The outfit is available in indigo or charcoal and comes in 5 standard sizes with 3 alphas , demo available in our booth at the MWFW event.

We are also offering this mesh bowling shirt with New York skyline motif for only 50L during MWFW only.

Thursday, 20 March 2014

New exclusive mesh for women @ sf design

 New Exclusive mesh for the ladies in store now
come and try a demo :)

sf design untucked shirt and leggings (can be worn separately)
 - casual relaxed style which combines detail and quality with low impact mesh.

The mesh comes in 6 sizes and includes alpha layers for shirt and leggings separately or combined.

If you have problems with the alphas or need extra alphas please do contact me.

The sets are available in 6 colours

Friday, 7 March 2014

sf unisex clothes FREE gift

We have a new group gift in the store - offering you a cool mix of mesh and non mesh - something for everyone.
For the ladies a retro style party dress with a spring floral fabric - a non mesh bodice with modifiable mesh puffed sleeves and back tie. A choice of flexi mid length or rigged mesh mini length skirts make this dress really versatile.

For the guys an open neck shirt - non mesh with tucked and untucked versions - modifiable mesh collar and cuffs with cufflinks, easily resized. A choice of mesh or non mesh waistcoats complete this casual look.
Simply wear your sf unisex clothes group tag and come on into the store to collect your gift.

Thursday, 6 February 2014

New Mesh Pants for men - exclusive to sf design

Im still plodding away learning more each day on Blender - its a huge learning curve - heres our latest - new mens pants in plaid with colour change hud.
Thanks to Yousuke for his great pictures - from his blog Glamorous Life 
They look great with both our colour change mesh tee or the sf design chunky sweater.