Friday, 18 December 2009

Christmas in the office

For all you workaholics we've released our performance suit in a christmassy bordeaux matched with a light green stripe shirt and christmas print tie. As usual it comes with all the options open and closed jacket , buttoned and open shirt, open, loose and tucked tie, sculpted collars and cuffs with cufflinks etc etc! and once Christmas is over match it with any of our performance shirt and tie sets. ( looks great with the black!) and ladies if you're off to the office party dont forget you can shorten the skirts in appearance ;) 
Mod trans for gifting but available in mod/copy on request.

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

old and new winter fashion for ladies

1. sf design anniversary ballgown newly released in xmas colours
shoes included.

2.sf design martine cocktail dress red
(also available in black or silver)
Modelled with sf design milly sandals

3.sf design hooded jacket berry, includes mini skirt.
Modelled with sfd colourable tights - cameo
and Bax Coen's Prestige boots in purple suede

4. sf design xmas knit - free gift in store during December - includes scarf , hat with and without hair and sweater.
Modelled with romany pants red - from sf design menswear
and sf design yeti boots white

Monday, 30 November 2009

sf design pea coats

Heres our version of the pea coat which seems to be in vogue at the moment, made with a dark check wool texture and trimmed with leather this coat sports sculpted collar with or without flexi scarf, sculpted cuffs , shoulder pads with epaulettes , flexi jacket and matching cap.
You can buy it as it is or as one of our mix and match sets - the pea coat plus grey vneck and white tee and romany pants in grey.
Dont worry if you cant find hair that will fit under the cap - you can pick up our free hat hair from either of our mainstores the pack of 5 colours comes in 3 sizes and will fit under most hats.

Models :Siddhart Sohmers
 Melinda Jensen

Monday, 23 November 2009

ready to wear set for men

Anyone who took part in the MHO hunt will have picked up our military sweater in army green.  We have now released the sweaters for sale in 3 colours - army green, airforce blue and marine blue - each sweater sports sculpted cuffs and waist and vneck perfect for wearing with our performance shirts. 
We've put together a set for the guys consisting of the marine blue sweater , a special indigo version of our sunday jeans and the light blue stripe shirt from our performance set. An added extra is the sweater with untucked shirt on the jacket layer.

Saturday, 21 November 2009

simply sassy - sf design one shoulder party dress.

This sassy little number is todays release - a customer request for a one sleeved party dress led me to contemplating the restrictions sl imposes on designers. 
Many of you may not realise that we only have one arm to work on with textures - the same texture goes on both arms. (Ive had to explain this on numerous occasions to people who cant understand why i cant put a logo on one sleeve for them.)  The obvious way round it is to use prims - but most designers use a texture below the prims to hide any gaps when certain poses expose them.  Unable to do this Ive worked with both a shoulder prim and an arm prim to try and combat this.
The dress is a tight mini with flexi and sculpted sleeve on the right arm. It comes with both system skirt option or the jacket and prim option for a tighter look.
The One Shoulder Party Dress is available in black, purple, blue or red.
My model Melinda has teamed it with these gorgeous Bax Coen boots for a perfect look - and if youre put off buying boots like this because of the worry of fitting dont!  They have a great inbuilt auto fit script plus there is someone on hand at the store to fit them for you - great service!

Model - Melinda Jensen
boots - Bax Prestige Boots black leather -- Bax Coen
hair - Truth Miaa  color is Dawn comes in the dark blondes pack
skin - LAQ ~ Dina 04 [Peach] Glow skin

Monday, 16 November 2009

sf design style for men

Alot of guys want versatility in their clothes - so at sf design we have released 5 styles of tux jackets from our formal range as separates - mix and match your tuxes or.. 
come up with some thing casual like this......
our sf design Keele set comprises of our sf design anniversary tux in black , our saturday jeans and our sports shirt in white - you can buy any or all as separates or buy the set and get the sports shirt free. 
The set is mod/copy but is available as mod/trans on request.
Items in the set include all options that the separates include.

We've also released our anniversary tuxedo formal shoes as a separate in black

Saturday, 7 November 2009

sf design Jeans for the weekend. - one pair free!

We have new jeans for sale at the store and  you can try a  pair out cos we're giving our sf design sunday jeans blue - away free during november!
Both the saturday jeans and the sunday jeans come with sculpted cuffs, belted or not belted versions, low rise or standard fit. They are available in black or blue denim and are mod/copy
please ask for trans versions if needed.

Modelling our jeans - sf design Melinda Jensen
and our guest model - Liam Nielsen
Liam has made quite a name for himself in the modeling world of sl - modeling for many major agencies 
as well as winning these well deserved titles.


Liam's styling notes 
Hematite Tooth & Black&White Necklaces (male) - TheGoldenFleece by AnyKey Munster
Uw.St Scott-Hair by Din Raymaker
-Belleza- Mathieu tan by Tricky Boucher

Wednesday, 4 November 2009

step up against content theft

There are 2 campaigns against content theft holding events tomorrow - The step up campaign and The Artists Voice - both of which are trying to make Linden Labs realise this community will not tolerate content theft - and to try and educate slers about the problem of content theft and how to identify it. I will be supporting this by not uploading on the 5th and 6th of November -
If you would like to know more about these campaigns check out the linked websites . An informed community is our biggest weapon  .

Thursday, 29 October 2009

Halloween at SF Design

Group members and subscribeomatic members get an exclusive trick or treat outfit today. 
Just check group info - notices for yours :) 
Dont forget sf design has its own little costume store on Penryn behind the mainstore
we have a range of costumes and uniforms and this week 3 free items for Halloween
our cloak with masks, witches hat with colour change hair and a new pirate hat.

Monday, 26 October 2009

sf design anniverary tuxedo and ballgown

You can almost hear the rustle of silk as you take to the ballroom floor in this elegant gown. Made to flow beautifully when you dance, the anniversary gown has been created especially to commemorate our 5 years anniversary.
It features a sculpted bodice - one with and one without resizer ( the one with resizer may appear no mod because of the script but is.) The detail of this gown is all in the back with its sculpted lace and diamonds above the tightly laced brocade bodice. The skirt is full with a ruffle of silk and lace. The gown comes with matching sculpted shoes and is available in berry , copper or sage.

Complimenting the ballgown is the sf design tuxedo - This distinguished and elegant tuxedo features a flexi jacket with silk brocade lapels and cuffs. The jacket also features prim sleeves and shoulderpads. The tuxedo pants have sculpted pant legs for a better fit over your shoes and comes with or without vest tips. The silk buttoned vest is on shirt layer with or without sleeve fillers. The crisp white dress shirt sports a sculpted wing collar and sculpted scrunch tie. Finally , as requested by my male customers  matching sculpted dress shoes with an inlay brocade.

Models :- Phillip Dollinger and Melinda Jensen 
Thanks to Connie Molinaro and Kafee for the couples pic :) 

Sunday, 25 October 2009

A big thank you

A big thank you to all who helped make our 5th anniversary celebrations successful - 
it was lovely to see old friends and new at the events - a reminder of all the support and help we've had on our 5 year journey. I couldnt have done it without you. 
Special thanks to our models for the show 
Allenclive Beaumont
Christie Romano
Victoria Lustre 
Phillip Dollinger 
Jenie Jennings 
 Elfie Independant
Manuel01 Albatros 
Burly Tigerpaw
 Tawny Dinzeo
and a special thanks to Melinda Jensen for organising the show
Thanks to our live guests Offerus Fouquet. Voice Doobie , CTM Underwood and Melodee McDonnell
Thanks to our djs - Emerald Bijoux and Joella Nico and finally thanks to my right hand man Jamir Jimenez without him i would have thrown the laptop out the window a few times in 5 years lol.

Saturday, 24 October 2009

As part of our 5th anniversary we are having a 24 hr sale at High Society sf design's formal store .
Starting from 5am this morning - 5am sunday slt (an hour later than planned sorry :) )
the sale is on all tuxes and gowns only not accessories or separates. All have been reduced 25% or more ! Come and take advantage of this offer they all go back to full price tomorrow!

Thursday, 22 October 2009

5 years!!!

I never dreamt 5 years ago i would be still in sl and spending all my time running my business !
but here we are 5 years down the learning curve and still enjoying the ride :) 
Come and celebrate with us
starting today and continuing till sunday.

    starting with a live performance by Offerus Fouquet 
    french singer , song writer and guitar player
    22nd October
    1pm  on Penryn
    followed by our special fashion show  at 2pm
    from the very first outfits to our latest anniversary tux and gown to be showcased at the            end of the show.
    Friday 23rd October
    9am DJ Joella Nico 'Rock your Body ' rock party  on Innisfree􀀁
     4pm Live performance by Melodee McDonnell and Chris on Penryn
    Saturday 24th October
    24hr formal sale at High Society starting at  4am finishing at 4am sunday
    DJ Emerald Bijoux beach party on Innisfree 7am - get up for an early morning swim!
     4pm Voice Doobie performs live at the High Society Ballroom Lotus

Thursday, 15 October 2009

The Make Him Over hunt part 2

Theres a great hunt going on for guys at the moment - the 2nd in the very successful Make Him Over hunt - SF Design are taking part and this is the gift you can get if you find the male symbol in the store 

The sf design Military sweater comes on both shirt and jacket layer - tucked and untucked with a longer sweater on underpant layer for low rise pants. It features optional sculpted cuffs and sculpted waist. Textured in the style of wool knit the sweater features patches on the elbows and shoulders in military style.

Get yours free during the MHO hunt all details of stores taking part included on the MHO blog

Sunday, 11 October 2009

new shirts for him and his shirt for her!! @ sf design

sf design flannel shirts come in 2 versions the mens shirt and the sf design 'bf shirt' for women
Great for layering -
the shirts include both open jacket , closed jacket  and tucked shirt versions with an underpant layer included for low rise pants. 

The shirts sport sculpted collars for both open and buttoned, flexi for the open version and sculpted cuffs (the womens included sculpted upper arms for more bulk and a sculpted belt for a skirted version too.) The shirts have an additional prim shirt to tie round the waist.

The shirts are available in 3 colours , red, blue and grey

The womens fit is available in the ladies dept at Penryn or Lotus

 The shirts are mod/trans if you require mod/copy please buy the one you want and send to me with a notecard requesting a mod/copy version 

Monday, 5 October 2009

the sf design poets shirts for women

The new colours in the sf design poets shirt are now available for women too!  as well as a fat pack of all 6 colours . - black, red, purple, white, blue and teal

sf design poets shirt for women purple
sf design pirate punk pants - purple
sf design slouch boots small

skin - alina by ND
hair - Truth

Wednesday, 30 September 2009

last day to get your september freebies

Dont forget this is the last day that the sf design caroline sandals and the sf design laced dress shoes will be free ! - Both these shoes are colour change giving you a versatile pair of shoes for absolutely nothing :) 

Monday, 28 September 2009

new colours for the SF Design poets shirt

This romantic laced up shirt has always been popular and recently i was asked to remake it in more colours , so here it is in white, purple, blue , dk teal and my favourite red , as well as the original black . 

Styling notes:
shirt -sf design poet shirt red
pants - sf design pirate hose black 
boots - sf design slouch boots - mens
skin - -Belleza- Miguel Tan 3
hair -TRUTH Jaden 2 - mocha

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

sf design Romany outfit for men

the next in our autumn line is an outfit just for men
casual but fashionable the outfit includes pants with sculpted legs,  shirt with turned back cuffs both untucked and tucked, open vest on jacket layer and one with untucked shirt, bringing the outfit altogether with a bit of colour is the twilly scarf in red polka dot. The vests and pants are also available as separates in a range of colours :)

Tuesday, 22 September 2009

sf design camo hooded jackets

The first in our autumn/winter range 
an open hooded jacket with a fleece lining,  casual and fun this jacket is fully sculpted using sculpty maps both by seriphina Spyker and swaffette Firefly
The textures all orginally made by swaffette
If you would like this jacket in mod/copy form - simply buy it and return it to swaffette Firefly with a notecard explaining and she will send a mod/copy version.
The jacket comes in both male and female fitting and in a range of 4 colours - blue, brown , green and white

NB if your sculpties seem to disappear when you pan out - try checking out Bax Coens website where she has some very helpful information

Tuesday, 8 September 2009

sf design flora tux in white

In response to customer request I have released the white version of the flora tux .
It comes either with a blue vest and tie or pink vest and tie and is available in both ladies and gentlemen's fit.
The vest and tie sets are available separately also.
As always a mod/copy version is available on request :) 

Monday, 24 August 2009

sf design carmella gown.

Ive always been a fan of those wonderful hollywood evening gowns from the 40s when women were pleasantly raphaelite in shape and gowns accentuated the curves. I wanted to create such a gown and what better fabric than satin to show the shadow of the body beneath in a most seductive way. To bring the gown up to date i decided to use the asymmetrical bodice which seems to be popular at the moment and leave the gown open down one side fastened by clasps.
The optional bow is colour change scripted , matching shoes are included, plus an underpant layer which allows the outfit to be worn as a swimsuit.
The gown is mod/trans (but mod/copy is available on request) and is available in 5 different colours - blue, purple, red, ivory and black

Sunday, 16 August 2009

SF Design morning suits - wedding day

4 years ago i was asked by a dear friend of mine to make him a traditional english morning suit for his sl wedding - its still a very popular part of our formal range but i thought as a celebration of its 4 years and indeed my friends 4 year wedding anniversary i would release some new morning suits. Ive updated the pants and included both a plain pair and a pair with the lower vest on for a more natural look. The coat is the new Ascot coat sporting the familar oxford style coat tail on the skirt layer. The waistcoats /vests are detailed in an embroidered silk in a choice of 5 stunning colours and come on both jacket and shirt layers as well as a shirt version with sleeve filler. The shirt has a matching silk ascot tie/cravat textured on to it and there is also a sculpted part that can be worn to enhance it. As always with the sf design morning suit a prim pocket hanky is provided to match.

The vests shirts and ties can be bought as separates in the 5 colours and also as a fatpack.
These are currently at our High Society Stores and in our Look book if you already have the Look Book it will be automatically updated.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Free during august @ sf design

Come and get your free gift from SF Design because it wont be free when August is over! The performance hat matches the new SF Design performance suits , it is texture change so a click can change the hat to match your suit with 8 different textures. The hat is cleverly sculpted by Instorm and textured by sf design. The SF Design hat hair that comes with the hat is not built to wear on its own but will fit with most hats as well as the performance hat. For that reason the hat and hair are separate which also means you can wear the hat at the angle you wish or without the hair. The hair is included in 3 sizes and 4 colours. Although the hat will appear no mod because of the script its fully resizeable via menu or in edit.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

versatile shirt and tie sets , texture change tie sets from SF Design

SF Design performance shirt and tie sets are now  available as separates in red, black, teal, blue, purple and white with light blue stripe. These shirts are created to be a versatile addition to your sl wardrobe and a useful addon to your performance suit or indeed any suit.
Each shirt is on all layers - undershirt layer is useful for wearing under 3 piece suits, shirt layer for wearing under jackets and over tatts and the jacket layer so that you can wear the shirt untucked.
There are 4 versions of the shirt - open neck (for wearing with the prim open collar), buttoned (useful for wearing with other flexi ties or bowties), buttoned with tie textured on the shirt,  and a shirt to wear with the prim collar and tie .
The underpants layer is the lower part of the shirt so it can be worn with low rise pants.
There are 4 ties included - collar and flexi tie, (useful for open jacket suits) loose tied flexi tie and undone flexi tie (both can be worn with the open collar) and lastly a tie textured on a shirt - again useful for wearing under 3 piece suits or closed jackets.
The wrist cuffs include orginal cufflinks by Accacia Brissot , there is also included 3/4 folded back cuffs you will need to go into appearance and shorten your sleeves on the shirt to wear these (otherwise i would have had to include another 12 shirts lol)  Find them in the store where u see the 'new' sign
(hair and hats from Kmadd, skin from Belleza, shape from Noon)

SF Design flexi tie set - texture change (9 colours to choose from)
These sets are created to give you optimal mix and match ability with your shirts and suits.
Included is a flexi tie to go with most buttoned shirts, a flexi tie with collar in black or white - perfect for adding to your performance suit or hamilton tux wear, a loosely tied tie and an untied tie which will fit with most open prim collars.
All the ties are texture change scripted just touch to get your drop down menu.
The ties with collars are also scripted for resize although all the ties are modifiable through edit ( they appear not in inventory because of the no mod script)

Sunday, 19 July 2009

caribbean crochet

My sister is a good crochet maker - i never got past the chain stitch stage - but here in sl luckily i can use a graphics program to create my crochet designs along with some rl photos i took of a friends crochet. SF Design Caribbean Crochet is this weeks release for the ladies  - the little mini dress comes in two versions - 'cheeky' and 'discrete'. Each dress consists of jacket and pants with flexi prim addition - but those who want to be a little more risque it is possible to wear the dress as just a jacket version.  The outfit includes a crochet halter neck bikini with prim beads for the neck , chest and hips. The outfit is totally tintable so i have released it both as a mod/copy version and mod/trans at SF Design mainstores - Penryn and Lotus - now
model - Melinda Jensen

Sunday, 12 July 2009

summer wear for guys @ sf design

something new and something old  -get your summer gear at sf design - the updated and restyled blue swimshorts are now available in 3 other colours, new peony swimshorts, beach frayed shorts, more colours in the open flexi toulon shirt , and some great new colour change flipflops with a detailed texture ( sculpted maps by Instorm) with 6 different colours. All at great sf design prices.
The sfd beachwear although not new has been updated with a better textured tee, with special attention to shoulder seams.
Don't forget to pick up your free sf design towel if you're new to sf design - includes rolled up neck towel and towel with animation

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Free @ SF Design during July only

With temperatures soaring in the uk I had to make some cool beachwear for July's free gifts - for the girls a mauve bandana style bikini with coverup 

The bikini features a prim tie and is embroidered with a couple of butterflies, the cover up has sculpted collar and cuffs , semi transparent flexi and is also embroidered with butterflies and flowers.  The bikini set is also for sale in coral and lime.

For the guys - cut off bleached jean shorts both standard and low rise  - and the Toulon shirt - patterned with leaves in white and grey this shirt hangs loose with a flexi option , sculpted collar and sculpted rolled up sleeves. - the prims have resize script but are also manually modifiable.

Cap and hair -.::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ BILLY DESTROYED
shoes - sf design gladiators

Thursday, 25 June 2009

The Ascot collection @ sf design

The wonderful fashions at Royal Ascot inspired me to make the new items at sf design - i was hoping to release them for Ladies Day - only a week late lol

The ladies outfits are available as separates or as sets,
The sets come in fuschia or blue and include a semi transparent open blouse with sculpted collar and flexi cuffs, floral dress with cinch belt texture, tintable panties, matching shoes, hat and purse that are scripted for menu driven colour change with 18 colours to choose from ( the items are modifable and cant be tinted through edit too) the shoes also come with sound option.

The blouses are available separately and if youre not in to formal look great over bikinis or shorts.

The dresses are available separately in blue, red, orange, fuschia, lavender or grey

The purse , shoes and hat come in a set on their own too ideal for matching dresses for a variety of occasions.

For the gents a classic english morning suit - although sf design already has featured mornings suits in our formal range ive updated the jacket for a better fit and teamed it with new pants , the set comes with both blue and grey accessories - vest, shirt with tie, prim tie addon, hankie, and sculpted shirt cuffs. The set is accompanied with a top hat. I presumed when I started this outfit I would be including an ascot style cravat, however i was surprised to find a neatly knotted regular tie was the order of the day in the royal enclosure- so that is what youve got!