Monday, 30 November 2009

sf design pea coats

Heres our version of the pea coat which seems to be in vogue at the moment, made with a dark check wool texture and trimmed with leather this coat sports sculpted collar with or without flexi scarf, sculpted cuffs , shoulder pads with epaulettes , flexi jacket and matching cap.
You can buy it as it is or as one of our mix and match sets - the pea coat plus grey vneck and white tee and romany pants in grey.
Dont worry if you cant find hair that will fit under the cap - you can pick up our free hat hair from either of our mainstores the pack of 5 colours comes in 3 sizes and will fit under most hats.

Models :Siddhart Sohmers
 Melinda Jensen


swaffette Firefly said...

very wise advice :) i also dont count my chickens before they hatch

swaffette Firefly said...

i wish i knew what it had to do with pea coats though lol