Friday, 20 August 2010

Greek style ..

New in the sf design store are these cute greek fisherman style caps - complete with stylish hairdo.
Each set has a cap with hair in 3 shades of the same colour , both with and without resizer , and a cap on its own for you to fit to your own hair.
Check out the mens and womens sets in 4 great colour ways.

Model :_Melinda Jensen
hair - sf design greek cap with hair
browns female
skin -Belleza , Elle SK (small pic)
skin -LAQ Martina peach (large pic)
shirt - sf design plain white tee,
vest - sf design open vest black
pants - sf design saturday jeans black
bangles -Ticky Tacky

Model :- Liam Nietzen
hair - sf design greek cap with hair
skin-no.07 :: Demetris - Tanned :: Natural - Bald
shirt - sf design chambray shirt dk grey
pants -sf design romany pants grey

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

SF design Tuscan Linen suits for men and women

This suit was released first at the Summer of Love fair last month - since the close of the fair this weekend it is now available at our mainstores - The suit comes in both a white and an oatmeal version, pants , jackets and shirts are available as separates.

The suit includes hat and matching shoes,
The jacket comes with full length sleeves or with pushed up sleeves , pants come with leg prims, the shirt comes tucked and untucked with a sculpted collar.

Items are mod/trans but mod/copy is available on request.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Classic Linden Labs

Do I laugh or cry - ive done both today, ive always been a staunch supporter of Linden Labs after all they give me an opportunity i never would have believed id get.
But today I got filed with a dmca , the shock of opening your email and seeing you are accused of theft is bad enough , specially when through the years of working in sl i have had many things stolen from me. But the logistics of it all is a nightmare too , finding a fax machine on a saturday, knowing i have 2 days to prove my innocence before they pull my content off the grid ( a years sales of that item) and the added kick in the face - the accuser could have access to my rl name, address and phone number.
The coincidence was too great that yesterday a designer contacted me because her items had been stolen and were being sold on xstreet,
she alerted me to the fact that within the package of her stolen items were also my stud leather jeans - copybotted. She filed a dmca - alerting LL to the fact my jeans had been stolen too - NOT i repeat NOT that i had stolen the jeans.
The probability is that they have misread her dmca. But can you actually talk to someone to rectify this - no , you have to wait to see if they get your fax in time, or actually read an email , or direct a ticket to the right dept- on a weekend?? i think not. Meanwhile I sit here in a depressed state waiting. So if your stud leather jeans disappear from your inventory please be gentle with me.

Monday, 2 August 2010

August freebie

Our monthly gift for August is a pair of checked shorts with prim leg cuffs and sculpted belt.
These shorts come in both male and female fit , casual but smart and being mod/copy the belt is a versatile addition to your inventory. The belt comes in 3 sizes and all 3 come with or without inbuilt resizer.