Thursday, 30 December 2010

sf design rockabilly dresses

Another dress that missed a blogging - the rockabilly dress - a great party dress and alternative to evening wear at the ballroom.

The Rockabilly dress is based on the flirty 50s style with its full skirt and petticoat of net, theres a low slung satin sash tied to the side and a sexy halter neck with lapels. There are 4 fabric styles - purple papillion, autumn, ladybug and starlight each set has matching shoes with their own little 3d emblem on the heel and toe.
Perfect for swinging on the dance floor.

sf design Rizzo Dress

This dress has been in a store a little while and I forgot to blog it so just in case you missed it heres the SF Design Rizzo dress - office wear that will take you from the office to the office party.
It comprises of a black satin blouse top with neck ruffles and high waisted houndstooth pencil skirt.
The top has sculpted puffed sleeves and there are two versions one much lower at the front for party wear and one more discrete for the office with matching flexi frills. You can wear the top with both ruffles and collar together or either ruffles or collar making it a versatile top.

Accessorize it with our new stilettos and matching beads set - these come in red, black , blue, purple or white and can be found in our shoe stores.

Model :- Melinda Jensen

Saturday, 18 December 2010

sf design xmas knits

Unusual winter weather here in the uk means dragging out all the thick knitted sweaters and hats I can find - and inspiration for new ones in the store - matching knit sets for you and your partner perfect for holiday snaps and cards.
Each set has a hat with hair and without, the hair is scripted for colour change and resize. The scarf comes with and without resizer (seeing as i get complaints when i use a resizer and when i dont lol) The sweater comes on shirt and jacket layer with longer options and sculpted cuffs. There are 3 sets for men and women - xmas, snowflake and reindeer. Mod/trans for gifting.

Models:- Melinda Jensen
Kaleb Avedon

Saturday, 4 December 2010

sf design December Freebie

Kicking off December with our new free item - you can find it in mens or womens fit - the sf design duffle jacket - this all prim jacket features hood and turned back cuffs, the main prims you will find both with and without resizer. Textured in a snug red and black lumberjack style check its the perfect jacket for winter weather and FREE! during December.

Tuesday, 30 November 2010

A touch of Bollywood

Dare to be different on the dance floor - my latest tux has an indian influence with its
dandiya vest and nehru style jacket.
Plenty of options as always -
The jacket and pants fabric have a subtle pattern and slight shine and there are 2 pairs of pants one with the lower vest on one without.
The jacket comes with and without vest on the same layer.
You will find a collar for the jacket, a shirt and jacket collar combo and a shirt collar on its own.
There are prim jacket cuffs , prim jacket cuffs with shirt cuffs . Also provided are shirt cuffs with cufflinks for you to wear without the jacket.
The flexi jacket comes in 3 premade sizes but there is also one with a resizer, just left click it for menu.
The emilio shoes in black come with this tux and feature an alpha layer.
The siddhart tux is available in 2 colours - ice or fire.

model :- Siddhart Sohmers

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

... open the pages of a fairytale

for our new ballgown - sf design Ice Princess..... created to compliment the new Magic Jewelry line by Tjake Kearny (Jewelry by Jake)
A fairytale style gown will full skirt which will make you the princess of the ballroom.
It features a sculpted flouncy skirt with a layer of shimmering crystal lace. A tight detailed embroidered satin bodice and sculpted sleeves.
Shoes are included.

Your carriage ride awaits..
Gown - sf design Ice Princess - High Society (formal wear store)
Jewelry - Magic - special edition Jewelry by Jake

Monday, 8 November 2010

sf design November freebie

New cosy vneck sweaters with cable knit pattern and in autumn colours, are now in the store. The green one is free during November. The sweaters come in both male and female fit, with sculpted cuffs, and a sculpted scarf to match.

Friday, 29 October 2010

A ghoulish gift! - happy halloween

They walk the tower in moonlight
that sad beheaded pair
in matching garb they parade the tower
watch them if you dare

They lost their heads in Henry's reign
a gruesome end they had
they carry their bloodied scalps around
a warning to the bad.

All members of our update group and subscribeomatic can get this free gift from the past notices.

Saturday, 16 October 2010

SF Design celebrates 6 years

Today starts our celebration of 6 years in sl :) - at (slt) the beautiful french voice of Offerus Fouquet (singer,guitar player, songwriter) followed by the blues brought to us by Bflat Unplugged from the USA - its all happeniing at the mainstores Penryn. Free Draw and the release of our FREE tux and gown - you shall go to the ball!

Friday, 8 October 2010

October Freebie - wrap up for autumn

New for Autumn at SF Design these warm and stylish wrap up knitted jackets in both female and male fit.
The come in 4 great colours and the Sienna version is FREE during October.
Each jacket features sculpted collar , sleeves and lower jacket, with a flexi wrap round tie. copy mod.
Also available in brown , green or blue
Female - Melinda Jensen
Hair:- Tonic - Logan Blonde
eyes - Allure - Gold,
skin - League - Taylor - Blonde Feline
Jacket:-sf design wrap up knitted jacket womens sienna
Pants:- sf design sunday jeans
boots:- sf design shearling boots tan.

Male:- .::MADesigns Shapes::. Otis
Hair:- .::MADesigns Hair::. Ford -dark brown
Skin:- *Sacred* Ethan Tone 4 chin patch 2 hair Valiant
Jacket: - sf design wrap up knitted jacket sienna
Pants - sf design sunday jeans.

Saturday, 25 September 2010

SF Design's Tribute to Yves St Laurent

SF Design will take part today on September 25th, 10 am in the final BOSL Fashion Week show, A tribute to the great Yves Saint Laurent . (ONE OF THE ATTENDEES WILL WIN THE ENTIRE YVES SAINT LAURENT COLLECTION!!!) SF Design has entered this specially created outfit, called 'Le Smoking' a tribute to the man himself and his designs.
"'Created in 1966 by famous couturier Yves Saint Laurent the Le Smoking tuxedo suit for women was the first of its kind to earn attention in the fashion world and in popular culture. It pioneered long, minimalist, androgynous styles for women, as well as the use of power suits and the pantsuit in modern-day society.
Yves Saint-Laurent was seen by many as having empowered women by giving them the option to wear clothes that were normally worn by men with influence and power' - wikipedia

The SF Design Version of Le Smoking features a velvet tuxedo jacket with sculpted collar , prim sleeves and flexi . The jacket has a collar version that incorporates the shirt winged collar and jacket sleeves that incorporate the shirt cuff frills. But it also has a version without so that the jacket can be worn with other shirts and tops.
The dress shirt also has an individual winged collar and frilled sleeves so it can be worn on its own without the jacket. The shirt features a front frilled panel with a western style bowtie.
The dress pants are high waisted featuring 3 buttons, a faint stripe in the fabric, a black satin cummerbund and sculpted pant legs.
To complete the outfit a pair of black patent mary janes are included.
This item will be sold exclusively at our SF Design store@ The Best of SL Boulevard.
from the 26th of Sept.

Wednesday, 22 September 2010


Most of you will have heard of the Make Him Over Hunt by now :) The 4th edition of this hunt is underway and our offering for the hunt is this short denim jacket, created to match perfectly with our sunday and saturday jeans. The jacket features sculpted collar, cuffs and lower jacket with or without resizer. The cuffs sport buckles as does the waist belt. This item is mod/copy and is hidden in our store in a male symbol - to find about more gifts for the hunt and other designers taking part visit The Make Him Over Blog

Model : Liam Netizen
Tee : sf design plain white tee
Jeans : sf design sunday jeans
jacket : sf design open denim jacket (free)

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

back to school

Our new releases have a back to school theme - blazers in red, blue,black and navy, a fitted shirt with colour change tie, a pack of pleated mini skirts and a pack of belted pants.
Create your own look from the separates , not sure if it will suit you? - get the navy blazer for FREE during september and decide.

The blazers feature flexi option, prim cuffs and a sculpted collar/lapel
The shirt collar is sculpted to fit neatly underneath the blazer collar, the tie features a choice of 9 colours from the drop down menu.

Male Model:-CJ123 Grantham
skin curtis Belleza
hair jin/hair 02 coffee
shape sophistishapes cruz

Female model - Melinda Jensen
skin: Belleza, Alyson MED Line4 #14
hair:-W&Y HAIR NEW 7 "TypeA"

Thursday, 2 September 2010

Elle's corsets - sf design diva sets

Ive been abit lax in updating the blog lately and these sexy little numbers have been for sale for a while - but I think they're worth a mention here. The diva sets borrow the tight lacing corset from real life designer Elle of Heavenly Corsets with her permission. This underbust bust front corset in sumptuous teal pure Silk Dupion is overlaid and trimmed with black Nottingham Lace and laced at the back with rich Satin Ribbon. You can buy it in rl here .
I have teamed it with matching satin lingerie, detachable suspender belt (garter belt for our usa friends) and seamed stockings. The ribbon lacing on the corset is finished with a sculpted bow.
Theres also a little rara skirt in matching silk to complete the ensemble. This outfit is available also in pink, purple and red , in mod/copy or mod/trans.

Friday, 20 August 2010

Greek style ..

New in the sf design store are these cute greek fisherman style caps - complete with stylish hairdo.
Each set has a cap with hair in 3 shades of the same colour , both with and without resizer , and a cap on its own for you to fit to your own hair.
Check out the mens and womens sets in 4 great colour ways.

Model :_Melinda Jensen
hair - sf design greek cap with hair
browns female
skin -Belleza , Elle SK (small pic)
skin -LAQ Martina peach (large pic)
shirt - sf design plain white tee,
vest - sf design open vest black
pants - sf design saturday jeans black
bangles -Ticky Tacky

Model :- Liam Nietzen
hair - sf design greek cap with hair
skin-no.07 :: Demetris - Tanned :: Natural - Bald
shirt - sf design chambray shirt dk grey
pants -sf design romany pants grey

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

SF design Tuscan Linen suits for men and women

This suit was released first at the Summer of Love fair last month - since the close of the fair this weekend it is now available at our mainstores - The suit comes in both a white and an oatmeal version, pants , jackets and shirts are available as separates.

The suit includes hat and matching shoes,
The jacket comes with full length sleeves or with pushed up sleeves , pants come with leg prims, the shirt comes tucked and untucked with a sculpted collar.

Items are mod/trans but mod/copy is available on request.

Saturday, 7 August 2010

Classic Linden Labs

Do I laugh or cry - ive done both today, ive always been a staunch supporter of Linden Labs after all they give me an opportunity i never would have believed id get.
But today I got filed with a dmca , the shock of opening your email and seeing you are accused of theft is bad enough , specially when through the years of working in sl i have had many things stolen from me. But the logistics of it all is a nightmare too , finding a fax machine on a saturday, knowing i have 2 days to prove my innocence before they pull my content off the grid ( a years sales of that item) and the added kick in the face - the accuser could have access to my rl name, address and phone number.
The coincidence was too great that yesterday a designer contacted me because her items had been stolen and were being sold on xstreet,
she alerted me to the fact that within the package of her stolen items were also my stud leather jeans - copybotted. She filed a dmca - alerting LL to the fact my jeans had been stolen too - NOT i repeat NOT that i had stolen the jeans.
The probability is that they have misread her dmca. But can you actually talk to someone to rectify this - no , you have to wait to see if they get your fax in time, or actually read an email , or direct a ticket to the right dept- on a weekend?? i think not. Meanwhile I sit here in a depressed state waiting. So if your stud leather jeans disappear from your inventory please be gentle with me.

Monday, 2 August 2010

August freebie

Our monthly gift for August is a pair of checked shorts with prim leg cuffs and sculpted belt.
These shorts come in both male and female fit , casual but smart and being mod/copy the belt is a versatile addition to your inventory. The belt comes in 3 sizes and all 3 come with or without inbuilt resizer.

Sunday, 18 July 2010

sf design releases @ the summer of love fair part 2

Its been some time since i last released a uniform for our costume store - this Royal Marine Blues was a request for a rl marine who was marrying in sl. There are many variations of the uniform according to rank and occasion this is just one of them.
Great for rp or just dressing up for fun this costume includes hat, sword ( decorative only) gloves and shoes. The Sam Brown Belt is partially textured with a sculpted waist . Prim cuffs, collar , tie , lapels and shoulders help to create a realistic silouhette when wearing this outfit. It will certainly get you noticed ;)

you can buy sf design royal marine blues at the Summer of love Fair

Saturday, 17 July 2010

sf design new releases @ the Summer of Love Fair - part 1

Today sees the opening of the Summer of Love fair - many designers have brought out brand new items and are showcasing them at the fair and nowhere else (til it’s over). Clothing, skins, hair, poses, accessories and more. You can find out more about it here. This is not an event to raise money but to raise awareness of mental illnesses.
SF Design are releasing 4 new items
heres the first of them available at the fair from 4pm slt today.
SF Design Baby Bird - dress and shoes
This is a flirty fun dress has a halter neck bodice tied with a sculpted bow.
3 layers of feathers make up the skirt 2 of which are based on sculpted skirts to help eradicated the alpha problem. All are mod/copy so you can tint and adjust.
The outfit comes with classy wedges with ankle straps and decorated with feathers.

you can buy sf design 'baby bird' dress and shoes at the Summer of love Fair

Monday, 5 July 2010

summer sandals with prim toes! - our july gift

All through July you can pick up this batik sarong and sandals (with toes!) for free at sf design.

The ramses sandals feature detailed leather straps , sculpted toes (cleverly crafted by Yabusaka Loon)
and a hud so you can easily match your toes to your skin with 15 preset colours to choose from and tinting options. The girls also get to choose from 15 nail colours too!

The sandals are also available to buy in grey, tan and red.

Model:- Vic Zuzu
Tattoo (Para Designs Dragon tattoo light) - Para Designs
Hair (* RezAlways Loc * ~ Sarah ~12am) - REzAlways

Model:- Melinda Jensen
skin - Belleza Alyson deep Tan 11
hair - W&Y HAIR New 35
bikini top - SF Design Ursula bikini white (tinted blue)

Tuesday, 29 June 2010

sf design muscle tees - new colours

I had many requests to bring out our plain white muscle tee in a variety of colours - although it is copiable and modifable tinting it darker colours does lose definition and shading - so here are 9 more sizzling colours for you , to brighten up your virtual wardrobe - on all 3 layers and including a lower tee on underpant layer for those very low rise jeans you guys wear.
They retail at just 50L each or a fatpack of 10 colours for just 250 - thats half price!
also available for women these tees are mod/copy please ask if you require a mod/trans version.

Wednesday, 23 June 2010

swimwear for men at sf design

New in store sf design swimming trunks - these sets include 3 lengths of trunks - long , mid and brief. With optional sculpted 'packages' these are bound to get you noticed on the beach in 4 sizzling summer colours. Included is also a matching beach necklace of beads and sharks teeth.

Monday, 14 June 2010

classic swimwear new at sf design

Remember THAT bikini? - Ursula Andress in Dr No - this is our take on it at sf design - a classic white bikini with sculpted belt front and sculpted diving knife. You can pick this up at our mainstores in red , purple and orange as well as white.

Also new these classic bandeau bikinis, carefully textured either in zebra and black or floral and mauve. Each set includes both bikini and one piece versions, the one piece top lends itself to wearing with jeans too.

Model- Mimi Juneau

Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Cargo cut offs - new in store - one pair free!

Our latest release sf design cargo cut offs are now in the store and the red pair with complimentary top is our july freebie :)
the pants come with sculpted leg and side pockets and are copy mod, Both male and female versions are available.
The pants are available to purchase in 5 other colours - stone, steel, green, white and black.
Male model - Vic Zuzu -Shorts (SF design cargo cut offs - red) - SF design (free gift)
Tank (SF design scratchit tank - red) - SF design (free gift)
Shoes (SF design sports shoes mens - white) - SF design
Ring, bracelet and necklace (FNKY Bling Set #001) - FNKY
Glasses (FNKY Driver II Glasses - Black) - FNKY
Hair (Uw.St Rigel-Hair, grasp anniversary hunt) - limited edition
skin (custom)
Female model - Tilly Chaika -
Shorts (SF design cargo cut offs - red) - SF design (free gift)
Tank (SF design floral cropped- red) - SF design (free gift)
Hair - Cake -Dakota - Chestnut hair
Skin - -Belleza- Alyson MED 12 HB (cleavage)

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

A June Wedding..and a chance to win 10k worth of formal wear

Ive been looking forward to this month - my parents will celebrate their 54th wedding anniversary on the 9th , we are going to celebrate my aunt and uncles golden wedding anniversary on the 11th and a dear friend of mine gets married on the 5th. June has always been a popular time for weddings, and I thought it was time I made a new wedding gown - the last was 2 years ago! The gown developed into a complete wedding collection :)

The bridal gown features 2 styles of skirt lace overlay, matching veil and matching shoes.

The bridesmaids gowns come in 6 summer colours.
The grooms tux features 3 sizes of flexi tail, a choice of vest and scrunch tie or cummerbund and bowtie, sculpted winged collar and dress shoes. It is also available with vest/tie, bowtie/cummerbund in matching colours to the bridesmaids.

Cant afford the sl wedding of your dreams? simply come and join our June draw for 10k worth of formal wear - sign up box is at the top of the stairs in High Society at Lotus.

Thursday, 13 May 2010

sf design summer formal

Over the next two weeks i'll be releasing new summer formals - created and dedicated to two wonderful ladies I met in real life Turkey. The first is Ozen. The Ozen gown features a silk skirt delicately patterned and a halter neck top tied at the waist with a sculpted bow. For those who prefer to cover up , or for colder evenings an under camisole is provided. The top is patterned in classic black and white for a sophisticated look. Included in the set are matching sculpted shoes and original sculpted earrings in silver and diamond.

to match the gown we have the ozen pant, shirt and vest set which has a western feel to it with its heavily patterned vest and narrow bowtie . the black silk shirt has original sf design sculpted cuffs and cufflinks in silver,diamond and onyx. The shirt is provided on shirt and undershirt layer with options for low rise pants, the vest on shirt and jacket layer.

Find them in our High Society stores.

Styling notes

Model Leah Portland - Hair - Witch- Kit Kat by Lamb

Skin - Shiloh coffee - Coconut by Exodi

Necklace - No 112 by Kraftica

Model Phillip Dollinger - hair - Uncle web , skin Unique

Sunday, 9 May 2010

new colours in sf design chambray shirts

The sf design chambray shirt now comes in 2 new colours dark grey and white, the mens shirts features prim cuffs and collar, plus an open version that features optional flexi. The womens version features prim collar and cuffs and a cropped version with sculpted waist tie.
Also out this week a versatile muscle shirt , both mens and womens version which is mod/copy so ideal for tinting and comes on all layers.

Styling notes : - jeans -saturday and sunday jeans faded - sf design
muscle tee - sf design
chambray shirt dk grey and white - sf design
male model (Adeon Silverfall) skin - Unique - Christopher (modified)
hair - MADesigns Hair- Bernard in Dark Brown
female model(Melinda Jensen) Skin LAQ ~ Molly 06 [Peach] Glow skin [light brows]
Hair .:[Tiny Bird]:. I hate camera - Wheat
lower model - skin - Belleza Alyson Med 12
Hair - W&Y New 135

Saturday, 1 May 2010

work out time for free!

This months freebie at SF Design is this great sports set for men and women , this navy set comes with both pants and shorts, with the tee on all layers , the ladies get an added bonus - a cropped version of the tee.

You can pick it up free at sf design during this month only.
We've also released some sports shoes in stitched leather , in both womens and mens sizes with resizer. You'll find them for sale at the main sf design stores.

Available in black , navy, red or white

Saturday, 17 April 2010

Whats your flavour.....?.our new spring dress in ice cream colours

SF Design Spring Pintucked is a versatile little dress which is available in 4 yummy ice cream colours, - pistachio, blue moon, raspberry and vanilla.
Whichever colour you choose you will get all the style options you see in the picture - wear it on the beach as a swimsuit, wear it sexy as a mini , sassy with the lace mini frill, or femininely pretty with the midi length dress. Included is a leather hip belt and these pretty flat pumps decorated with a sculpted rose.

style notes
Model :- Melinda Jensen
hair: Cake - Dakota - Cocoa Hair
Skin: -Belleza- Alyson Deep Tan (line 3)
Manicure: nail-J-SK(SILK)
Eyes: *YourSkin* - EyeReal_Frozen
Jewelry: Artistry by ~E~ The 2010 "Tomoko" Set in Wht Opal/GLD