Thursday, 25 June 2009

The Ascot collection @ sf design

The wonderful fashions at Royal Ascot inspired me to make the new items at sf design - i was hoping to release them for Ladies Day - only a week late lol

The ladies outfits are available as separates or as sets,
The sets come in fuschia or blue and include a semi transparent open blouse with sculpted collar and flexi cuffs, floral dress with cinch belt texture, tintable panties, matching shoes, hat and purse that are scripted for menu driven colour change with 18 colours to choose from ( the items are modifable and cant be tinted through edit too) the shoes also come with sound option.

The blouses are available separately and if youre not in to formal look great over bikinis or shorts.

The dresses are available separately in blue, red, orange, fuschia, lavender or grey

The purse , shoes and hat come in a set on their own too ideal for matching dresses for a variety of occasions.

For the gents a classic english morning suit - although sf design already has featured mornings suits in our formal range ive updated the jacket for a better fit and teamed it with new pants , the set comes with both blue and grey accessories - vest, shirt with tie, prim tie addon, hankie, and sculpted shirt cuffs. The set is accompanied with a top hat. I presumed when I started this outfit I would be including an ascot style cravat, however i was surprised to find a neatly knotted regular tie was the order of the day in the royal enclosure- so that is what youve got!

Friday, 12 June 2009

Gents - if you've got it flaunt it!

New at Sf Design costume store - wearing a bowtie with a lil cheekiness ;)

outfit SF Design chippendale style
includes sculpted shoes, collar and bowtie, cuffs with cufflinks, wrinkled pant legs. All except the 1 prim pant legs have resizer scripts and all are also modifiably by hand if you so wish.
The leather pants are included both as an open button version and buttoned version with prim legs for a better fit over your shoes. Also included is a leather thong just in case your audience gets too enthusiastic!
This item is mod/trans ,a mod/copy version is available on request.

shape - DONOVAN by .::NOON::.
skin - -Belleza- Mathieu sk 2-E
hair - .::MADesigns Hair::.~ Army Crop
outfit - SF Design Chippendale style

Friday, 5 June 2009

New for the ladies at SF Design

All these items are new at our ladieswear store on Penryn
The Melinda outfit is a summer floral high waisted, strapless dress which comes with glitch shorts or leggings with prim cuffs.
Included is a short baby doll version that can be worn with the leggings or panties. The bodice comes on both shirt or jacket layer and there are matching sandals included.
Melinda is currently available in 4 delicious summer colours, pink . blue, lime or orange.

The Batik sundress is perfect for the beach , just pop on the swimsuit version when youre ready for a swim . The Batik sundress has a flexi halter tie and a flexi tie at the chest, it also includes flipflops .
The Batik is available in blue, pink and green, the orange version is free in the store during June.

For those of our friends heading towards winter at the moment we have this cute cardi and matching boot set - , the cardi is cropped and buttoned across the chest , the boots are original sculpties fastened at the side with large buttons.
the cardi set is available in grey, barley , pink or blue.

Lastly we have the guys new business suit, specially adapted for women , over 30 parts in this!! so that you can create just the look you are searching for - 5 skirts included give you the option to wear it with jacket /vest or jacket and vest or just on its own, the shirt is tucked and untucked, ties , loose , tied and open. currently this is available in charcoal, grey and marble only.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

SF Design release their latest business suit at their new mainstore for men

The new suit from SF Design has been a long labour in an effort to bring you the best in design and textures with the ultimate in mix and match ability.
A Classic English slim cut - a return to the cohesive 3 piece -and after much thought I decided on the 2 buttoned jacket - 'My preference for a modern suit. It conveys height, slims the waist, and fits perfectly within the realm of fashion and classicism.'* Daniel P Dykes
This is the perfect business mans suit with textured shirt and tie or prim shirt and tie option, but dress this suit with the open essentials shirt black from sf design or the london tshirt from sf design and you're ready for clubbing too!
Shirts are on both undershirt and shirt layer for flexibility - a long shirt option is available on jacket layer or on underpant for low rise pants. All is done to ensure you can wear either the shirt with other items or the suit with other shirts. The shirt also comes with sculpted cuffs and beautiful original cufflinks by Accacia Brissot
The vest has sleeve filler option to fill out the suit jacket sleeves, the pants have sculpted prim turn ups , better still all is modifiable so you can go even further to creating your own look. This suit is available in charcoal, blue , dk blue, grey , tan and marble all with their own complimenting tie textures. It is also available for women at SF Design with skirt or pant options.

Monday, 1 June 2009

The new stores are open :)

SF Design is pleased to announce their new stores are open on Penryn - now you have a shopping complex with all your favourite sf design outfits and some new ones!-  the guys have their own Menswear store with a brand new business suit released today - and we are taking part in the MHO hunt so look for the male sign on the wall in the new menswear store to get your free gift, 
There is also a free outfit for men in the model cutout in the middle of the store , and a free dress/swimsuit by the mannikin in the middle of the ladies store.
The wonderful singer/guitarist - Offerus Fouquet will be playing at 12.3opm for you at the stores and DJ Allenclive Beaumont will be entertaining us from 9am