Friday, 31 August 2007

Stunning new gown 'Ayla'

This gown just flows wonderfully for dancing , in a pastel organza with embroidered butterflies and halter neck top it makes wonderful evening wear.
It comes in 3 colours - lavender, forget-me-not or ashes of roses

This gown has 2 options of flexi skirt - and a flexi coat layer and comes with prim matching sandals.

Modelled and inspired by my dear friend Ayla

Unisex stripes

Well these drove me crazy lol - striped tops , included are 2 versions one with standard neck and one with lower neck - keep em both or give one away :) Choose from tan, grey, blue, green or pink

plaid for men and women

Another request - sleeveless plaid shirts - these shirts come on both jacket and shirt layer so you can choose long or tucked in styles - they also come with a prim collar option. Choose from blue, red or green.
The ladies version includes a tied short look and matching jeans.

Saturday, 11 August 2007

New for week of 10/08/07

Three new items released this week - all 3 were requests

First Racing boots - these were requested for Nascar drivers but work fine as casual wear too.

They are available in 4 different colours and are textured in a detailed stitched suede.

The boots are available in 2 sizes - large = size 35 feet and small = size 0 feet.

Laced up shirt in white

Ive had many requests to make the laced up shirt in white - it is available in black red or purple

and now white for 75 lindens

You can buy it as part of a new outfit too - sf design 'dante' comes with belted hose, black pixie boots and the laced up white shirt for 300 lindens.

Finally a bit of fun - I was asked to make a baywatch style swimsuit to go with the baywatch shorts already available. Included is a buoyancy aid and the sl free baywatch anim
you can watch it in action here thanks to Gorgeous Yongho