Sunday, 26 July 2009

versatile shirt and tie sets , texture change tie sets from SF Design

SF Design performance shirt and tie sets are now  available as separates in red, black, teal, blue, purple and white with light blue stripe. These shirts are created to be a versatile addition to your sl wardrobe and a useful addon to your performance suit or indeed any suit.
Each shirt is on all layers - undershirt layer is useful for wearing under 3 piece suits, shirt layer for wearing under jackets and over tatts and the jacket layer so that you can wear the shirt untucked.
There are 4 versions of the shirt - open neck (for wearing with the prim open collar), buttoned (useful for wearing with other flexi ties or bowties), buttoned with tie textured on the shirt,  and a shirt to wear with the prim collar and tie .
The underpants layer is the lower part of the shirt so it can be worn with low rise pants.
There are 4 ties included - collar and flexi tie, (useful for open jacket suits) loose tied flexi tie and undone flexi tie (both can be worn with the open collar) and lastly a tie textured on a shirt - again useful for wearing under 3 piece suits or closed jackets.
The wrist cuffs include orginal cufflinks by Accacia Brissot , there is also included 3/4 folded back cuffs you will need to go into appearance and shorten your sleeves on the shirt to wear these (otherwise i would have had to include another 12 shirts lol)  Find them in the store where u see the 'new' sign
(hair and hats from Kmadd, skin from Belleza, shape from Noon)

SF Design flexi tie set - texture change (9 colours to choose from)
These sets are created to give you optimal mix and match ability with your shirts and suits.
Included is a flexi tie to go with most buttoned shirts, a flexi tie with collar in black or white - perfect for adding to your performance suit or hamilton tux wear, a loosely tied tie and an untied tie which will fit with most open prim collars.
All the ties are texture change scripted just touch to get your drop down menu.
The ties with collars are also scripted for resize although all the ties are modifiable through edit ( they appear not in inventory because of the no mod script)

Sunday, 19 July 2009

caribbean crochet

My sister is a good crochet maker - i never got past the chain stitch stage - but here in sl luckily i can use a graphics program to create my crochet designs along with some rl photos i took of a friends crochet. SF Design Caribbean Crochet is this weeks release for the ladies  - the little mini dress comes in two versions - 'cheeky' and 'discrete'. Each dress consists of jacket and pants with flexi prim addition - but those who want to be a little more risque it is possible to wear the dress as just a jacket version.  The outfit includes a crochet halter neck bikini with prim beads for the neck , chest and hips. The outfit is totally tintable so i have released it both as a mod/copy version and mod/trans at SF Design mainstores - Penryn and Lotus - now
model - Melinda Jensen

Sunday, 12 July 2009

summer wear for guys @ sf design

something new and something old  -get your summer gear at sf design - the updated and restyled blue swimshorts are now available in 3 other colours, new peony swimshorts, beach frayed shorts, more colours in the open flexi toulon shirt , and some great new colour change flipflops with a detailed texture ( sculpted maps by Instorm) with 6 different colours. All at great sf design prices.
The sfd beachwear although not new has been updated with a better textured tee, with special attention to shoulder seams.
Don't forget to pick up your free sf design towel if you're new to sf design - includes rolled up neck towel and towel with animation

Thursday, 2 July 2009

Free @ SF Design during July only

With temperatures soaring in the uk I had to make some cool beachwear for July's free gifts - for the girls a mauve bandana style bikini with coverup 

The bikini features a prim tie and is embroidered with a couple of butterflies, the cover up has sculpted collar and cuffs , semi transparent flexi and is also embroidered with butterflies and flowers.  The bikini set is also for sale in coral and lime.

For the guys - cut off bleached jean shorts both standard and low rise  - and the Toulon shirt - patterned with leaves in white and grey this shirt hangs loose with a flexi option , sculpted collar and sculpted rolled up sleeves. - the prims have resize script but are also manually modifiable.

Cap and hair -.::MADesigns HAIR::. ~ BILLY DESTROYED
shoes - sf design gladiators