Sunday, 19 July 2009

caribbean crochet

My sister is a good crochet maker - i never got past the chain stitch stage - but here in sl luckily i can use a graphics program to create my crochet designs along with some rl photos i took of a friends crochet. SF Design Caribbean Crochet is this weeks release for the ladies  - the little mini dress comes in two versions - 'cheeky' and 'discrete'. Each dress consists of jacket and pants with flexi prim addition - but those who want to be a little more risque it is possible to wear the dress as just a jacket version.  The outfit includes a crochet halter neck bikini with prim beads for the neck , chest and hips. The outfit is totally tintable so i have released it both as a mod/copy version and mod/trans at SF Design mainstores - Penryn and Lotus - now
model - Melinda Jensen

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