Friday, 28 March 2008

sf design kurta style for men

Something spring like for men at SF Design - with inspiration from the kurta style shirts of Asia and a touch of hippy retro.
The shirt comes with all the options untucked on jacket layer, tucked, open and buttoned, with vest or without vest. The vest is a subtle paisley pattern , which is also reflected in the pants , belted with a Peace symbol buckle. The pants also come in low rise with a lower shirt on underpant layer to wear with these. The pants also have optional prim legs in 2 sizes.
Model :- Phineas Rang

pssst ladies it can look good on you too :P

Wednesday, 26 March 2008

sf design Meadow Sweet

Well its not exactly springlike here in the uk so Im hoping this outfit will tempt the sun out in sl at least :)
SF Design Meadow Sweet is a dreamy outfit with a hip hung floaty skirt in 2 sizes for easier fitting. The shirt is peasant style with flexi sleeves and a beaded tie on the chest. There are glitch pants included but also some panties so if you want to show a lil leg you can. It also includes a sculpted hat with sculptie flowers. The outfit is available in white or with a pink or green wash. Mod/copy so you can tint it but if you wish to gift this item just contact me. :)

Monday, 17 March 2008

Get your purses ready - RFL clothing fair 2008 is here!

Starting at 10am today - the Relay for Life clothing fair is finally ready for off!!
SF Design is very happily nestled between the rezzable store and DE - two great talents! and I can spy the wonderful Rebel Hope and Rfyre's stores just out of my window how cool is that!!
Make sure you come and check out the wonderful stores and some brand new designs specially for the fair .
Here are the 2 outfits from sf design.

SF Design Hope Enchanted is a crushed velvet ballgown incorporating the Enchanted Corset by real life designer Elle of 'Heavenly Corsets' , who kindly has allowed sf design to replicate her designs in secondlife.
You can buy this corset in real life @
There are prim corset laces and a prim butterfly brooch attached to the stomach , the skirt flexi prims are all hand placed for a good fit, and 2 fits are included. Matching shoes are also included. I found the most delightful necklace and earrings to wear with it by Alyssa Bijoux -Diamond Royalty , easily tinted to match the gown. :)
SFD Tails Tux - Hope
sports a vest, bowtie and cravat that matches the Hope Enchanted gown. 3 sizes of Tails are inluded and an optional pocket watch chain. Already got the Tails Tux? the vest and tie will soon be out as an add on :)

Saturday, 15 March 2008

new colours for Molto Bella and Molto Bello plus a free hat

I've had requests to release the Molto Bella Gown and the Molto Bello Tux in further colours , as one of the requests was green I thought I'd get that out in time for St Patricks Day . I've added a bowtie option to the tux .Yhis top hat is now free at SF Design Lotus and Innisfree so be sure to stop by the store and pick up yours. :)

Friday, 14 March 2008

Relay For Life - Clothing Fair

Today I went on a tour of 4 sims and was totally blown away. Nevar Lobo and Pips Fetid have organised the most amazing event to raise money for Cancer Research. Further details here Although this is not the first RFL Clothing Fair this is the first Ive had the privilege to be involved with. SF Design have set up their shop in the Autumn Sim and we are hoping to raise lots of money for the Relay for Life cause. Nevar showed me round the sims today where over 50 designers have set up shop , I saw amazing talent from designers who were new to me such as Cream Shop and Bailers Outfitters right through to those who have been favourites of mine for a good few years - such as DE , Rfyre, BareRose and Nymphetamine. But this was not just about the fashion - wow these guys are sooo creative - if you've ever walked down Oxford Street in London at Christmas you'll have an idea of what you can expect. So many of the designers have put in hours of work turning their shops into an art experience with loads of WOW factor. But of course even though its fun just to look if youre not a shopper , this is the one time to part with your hard earned lindens. Some of the designers will donate all or part of their earnings to the Relay for Life charity and some have made special RFL outfits to be sold purely for the charity. Be sure to go and get one on Monday when it opens, you'll have a hard time choosing though!.
SF Design are releasing both a gown and matching tux which are specifically for the cause, a preview you can see on the pic ;)

Monday, 10 March 2008

Brand new Tux from SF Design and cummerband /bowtie sets.

For too long I've been trying to find time to create a completely new tuxedo Im glad to say here it is. I really wanted to create a coat with a long and wide lapel but the way male avs shoulders pull the textures makes this really difficult , after much work Im finally happy with this although its not as wide as I would like. This new tux is based on a Victorian style tail coat with prim tails and a cutaway coat, matching pants with a side stripe, and a shirt on undershirt layer with winged collar. The first in the SFD Tails Tux range sports a red silk double breasted vest and prim cravat to match the Molto Bella Ballgown. The vest/waistcoat has the same embroidery and raw silk glow as the gown.Buy from slexchange here
Dont forget that you can find many colours and styles of vests and ties at SF Design that can be added to wear under this and today I'm releasing 6 new cummerband sets. The cummerband is textured on both the pants and the shirt to form a wide band across the waist. The shirt both on undershirt and shirt layer are included with a prim bowtie and winged collar tips.

Thursday, 6 March 2008

ditsy rara!

Sometimes you just need to take a break and have a bit of frivilous fun when youre creating , so if you like dancing and dont mind showing abit of cleavage and leg this is just the outfit for you lol . Apparently the rara skirt is back ( I never had the legs for it the first time round but hey this is SL!) SF Design Ditsy comprises of a low cut wrap and tie top with a matching rara skirt with lots of lovely flexi ruffles to whirl around when you dance, and matching panties. They come in 3 different ditsy fabrics - hearts, spring and rose. I love to dance in sl so this outfit has been thoroughly tested like all my flexi skirts to make sure the movement looks good from any angle.
Only 180 from SF Design.

Model - Tamie Chaffe

Saturday, 1 March 2008

From business to pleasure for men AND women ;)

Model:- Jericho Slade
There are two things that im often asked for which ive tried to combine in this new item - 1) plain white shirts - I've been asked for them buttoned up , unbuttoned , open neck you name it lol tucked , untucked so here we have all the options,including a lower shirt on pant layer for the low rise pants . Also included are 3 flexi ties regular, loose and undone.
2) The other thing I'm often asked for is mens clothes for women - girls theres nothing stopping you! only logistics stops me putting out a lot of the mens clothes in the womens dept with female posters - the only thing you might have trouble with is prims and im happy to adjust them to female fit for anyone. Many of the male items i have on sale look great on girls and to prove it I've repackaged the guys shirt for girls and adjusted the ties for female fit. So go on girls borrow the boyfriend's shirt ;)
These items are mod/copy so you can tint and keep a range of colours in your inventory - if you wish to purchase this for someone else simply pay the gifting box by the item at sf design

Happy St David's Day

Happy St David's Day to all the Welsh - come and help yourself to free items at SF Design , 3 of them will be free TODAY only
cymru muscle tshirt ,cymru mini dress and a welsh rugby top and of course the daffodil sundress is always free at SF Design ;)