Friday, 14 March 2008

Relay For Life - Clothing Fair

Today I went on a tour of 4 sims and was totally blown away. Nevar Lobo and Pips Fetid have organised the most amazing event to raise money for Cancer Research. Further details here Although this is not the first RFL Clothing Fair this is the first Ive had the privilege to be involved with. SF Design have set up their shop in the Autumn Sim and we are hoping to raise lots of money for the Relay for Life cause. Nevar showed me round the sims today where over 50 designers have set up shop , I saw amazing talent from designers who were new to me such as Cream Shop and Bailers Outfitters right through to those who have been favourites of mine for a good few years - such as DE , Rfyre, BareRose and Nymphetamine. But this was not just about the fashion - wow these guys are sooo creative - if you've ever walked down Oxford Street in London at Christmas you'll have an idea of what you can expect. So many of the designers have put in hours of work turning their shops into an art experience with loads of WOW factor. But of course even though its fun just to look if youre not a shopper , this is the one time to part with your hard earned lindens. Some of the designers will donate all or part of their earnings to the Relay for Life charity and some have made special RFL outfits to be sold purely for the charity. Be sure to go and get one on Monday when it opens, you'll have a hard time choosing though!.
SF Design are releasing both a gown and matching tux which are specifically for the cause, a preview you can see on the pic ;)

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