Monday, 23 March 2009

sf design Envy gown winner

This morning i recieved an im from Elysium Eilde - she had taken some pictures of the winner in the RFL auction for the sf design Envy gown and i thought id share them with SF Design customers. They are beautiful pictures and Feles Seitan, who bid 72k for the one off gown, expressed her thoughts behind the clothing fair and her reasons for supporting it. Click here to read.

Sunday, 22 March 2009

sf design Horatio

Horatio the latest release from sf design is a romantic ensemble with Georgian flair , - a frock coat with a choice of two lengths heavily embroidered with sculpted high collar and cuffs.  The cuffs are included both with shirt lace and without. The matching breeches come in both knee length and full length and a shirt with flexi lace.  The outfit is available in red, green or blue and also in female fit at the High Society branches of sf design. 
Model -  Matteoo Dagostino

skin : Miguel Deep Tan 3-E   from Belleza

hair: MADesigns Hair ~ ROSS ~ SBL III w resize script

mask: *~*Obscurita Maschio: White (Tintable) (free) 

Thursday, 19 March 2009

Latest sf design release features a special RFL edition

The latest release from sf design is Horatio - a frock coat ensemble with Georgian flair. I wanted to make a special RFL edition in purple who better to ask model it than Nevar Lobo and Amethyst Starostin 2 of the hard working team behind the clothing fair and dedicated RFL'ers.
The horatio outfit includes both long and short frock coats, long and short breeches, white stockings and shirt. The coat comes both with and without cuff lace and is available in male or female fit.
 I was asked to be involved in the clothing fair last year for the first time. I was totally blown away with the atmosphere and generosity of both designers and customers. The event was well organised and clearly focused, many of the people working so hard had personal experiences that motivated them to help with the cancer research cause. I jumped at the chance when asked to be involved again this year when Nevar and the team started planning it barely days after the last one had finished!

Nevar and Amethyst are both wearing Sky Everett hair . 
Footwear - Nevar's - Jeepers Creepers
Amethyst's - SF Design

Monday, 16 March 2009

sf design items for RFL

The clothing fair is open!!

SF Design has a store on sim 8 and has a tux and gown specially made for sale in aid of Relay for Life. 8 sims of designers each selling an item or items for RFL - what an opportunity - just look for the special rfl vendors in each store.

The sf design peace rose gown and tux will only be available during the RFL campaign , it will be available at the clothing fair and at the High Society stores until then.

I chose to design the fabric from a rl photo of a rose called 'peace' for these items.

The gown has a long skirt cut away at the front and a short skirt included. Matching sandals and optional prim collar and sleeves.

The last of the Hamilton tuxes this sports all the features of the hamilton with a vest , tie and bowtie made in the same fabric of the gown

Friday, 13 March 2009

RFL 7 deadly sins auction

Starting monday the Relay for Life clothing fair swings into action - 8 sims of designers , live music, djs and various opportunities to get yourselves a real bargain and donate money to cancer research at the same time.

During the clothing fair there will be a silent auction for 7 one off specially made dresses by 7 sl designers including SF Design. So if you fancy taking the dance floor in an amazing dress that noone else in sl can EVER wear, make a bid on one of these wonderful dresses - you can see all 7 here

I was asked to create a dress inspired by a picture given to me of the sin of envy

A green taffeta ballgown was the result with a detailed bodice edging, an over skirt of ivy ( representing the consuming nature of envy) and a sculpted snake arm bracelet. Please come and place your bid for this one off gown and help cancer research.