Saturday, 26 November 2011

Don't you ever, don't you ever stop being dandy showing me you're handsome!

Dandy = A man unduly devoted to style, neatness, and fashion in dress and appearance.

The SF Design Elysium tux is perfect for any dandy.
A new formal is now in the store for men - drawing heavily on 19C fashion with its drop front pants, frock coat, double breasted waistcoat and flamboyant bowtie this formal a sophisticated must have for the second life gentleman! Each set comes with shoes and 2 colour choices of bowtie. Mod/trans for gifting but mod/copy available as always.

Model:- Matteo Bettencourt
skin :- *Birth* Resse Skin (pale) goatee_bodynormal
hair :- [Shag] - Stroked - raven

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

sf design Monthly Freebie

The new gift in store - for a limited time only ! is a pack of 2 Elysium Waistcoats - pink and blue silk dupion but tintable too! (In both mens and womens fitting)

These waistcoats have been designed by Elle in rl and can be bought in rl here

They are brought to you in sl by SF Design with her kind permission.

A foretaste of the new SF Design formalwear for men to come ;)

Friday, 11 November 2011

The Menstuff Hunt

yes its that time again ! come and join the menstuff group and enjoy terrific gifts from 150 designers!
Our gift is hidden in our menswear store on Penryn and you'll find it in the menswear sculpty tee.
Hints are on the menstuff website.

This is our gift a cool sweater and jeep cap which are totally tintable so you can make copies in any colour you choose!

Get the look.....
Model:-Didier Rascon
skin :-[04] Tan Skin -David-/ goatee+base *REDGRAVE*
piercings :- [MANDALA]*MALE*TAKAYAMA FACE Piercing/black/mouth
glasses :-[CALYPSO GIANO] Sunglasses - Cobra - Silver (CHIN)
sweater and hat :- sf design lace up sweater with jeep cap (menstuff hunt gift)

sf design @ the Vintage Fair

Today sees the start of the Vintage Fair in sl - well worth a visit - some fantastic designers and some great classic and retro clothes. You will find new releases here that you cant find anywhere else on the grid - including the SF Design Anita Cocktail Dress - this classic black flapper style dress includes colour change hair and shoes!
The fringe is designed to jiggle with your charleston!

Model : melinda Jensen

Tuesday, 8 November 2011

Updated Hamilton tuxedo

Do you have a SF Design Hamilton tux in the bottom of your inventory?
Its been some years since I released the Hamilton Tuxedos and I've given them a long overdue update - reworked textures, sculpted cuffs and tie, with axis resizers in the prims . Get your free update by just returning your hamilton tux to me in a box named 'update ( your name)'
updates - black n red, black n gold, black n silver, black n blue , october and new colour black n green.