Friday, 11 November 2011

The Menstuff Hunt

yes its that time again ! come and join the menstuff group and enjoy terrific gifts from 150 designers!
Our gift is hidden in our menswear store on Penryn and you'll find it in the menswear sculpty tee.
Hints are on the menstuff website.

This is our gift a cool sweater and jeep cap which are totally tintable so you can make copies in any colour you choose!

Get the look.....
Model:-Didier Rascon
skin :-[04] Tan Skin -David-/ goatee+base *REDGRAVE*
piercings :- [MANDALA]*MALE*TAKAYAMA FACE Piercing/black/mouth
glasses :-[CALYPSO GIANO] Sunglasses - Cobra - Silver (CHIN)
sweater and hat :- sf design lace up sweater with jeep cap (menstuff hunt gift)

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