Thursday, 25 August 2011

"Why did you have to come to Casablanca? There are other places. "

sf design casablanca tuxedo
sophisticated white dinner jacket with formal high rise dress pants, classic white dress shirt , fold down collar and bowtie perfect attire for jazz lounge or ballroom.
This tuxedos offers 2 styles of jacket - choose the more fitted style of the pelvis attach flexi - or the loose look of the pec attach flexi and includes shoes.
NB. This tuxedo incorporates the same shoes and pants as the Godfather tuxedo - if you already have that tux you may like to buy the shirt and jacket as separates.
All available at our High Society stores.

Model :- Liam Netizen

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Donald where's your troosers!

Another outfit specially made for Mr. Uk - Aspen Parx is now available in the store - sf design Highland Formal represents a modern formal highland wear which includes prince charlie jacket, kilt with sporran in the stewart tartan , dress shirt with winged collar and bowtie, socks with kilt flashes and a 'fly plaid' for your shoulder.
There are also epaulettes for the prince charlie jacket
The prims have resizers in them simply touch while wearing for menu - if you prefer to hand edit you can delete the scripts and the prim should be modifiable.
You will find 3 bowties included one black one blue and one tartan.
Also 3 kilts, one without resizer , one with and one slimmer version with resizer

Cut a dash on the dancefloor with this alternative formal outfit. Also available in the Campbell tartan.