Friday, 30 November 2007

sf design winter warmer boots

I thought id just blog these boots on their own ,even though they are part of the winter set collection -
These sculptie boots are in the ugg style
First a tan lace up style calf length in a tan suede with a faux fur top and are available in small, medium and large sizes - please come to the store and try the demo to find your size if you are not sure.

The second a short suede boot with sheepskin style fold over top , they come in both tan and light tan

For the first time I am having to make my boots copy only , I have tried to maintain mod/trans because i know alot of my customers wanted it that way particularly with boots and shoes but having been alerted to 3 different 'designers' over the last couple of months who have or are selling replica of my boots my hand is forced into doing this. You can expect people to make similar styles Im not talking about that, Im talking about exact copies and one of these shop owners even had my handmade pixie boot texture. ( Fortunately she had the grace to apologise and take her (my) items down.)
Therefore boots in the future will be copy only - if you would like to give these boots as a gift please let me know , likewise if you have trouble fitting them.

sf design 'winter warmer' collection

Finally!! this set has taken me way longer than intended but at last its out, winter sets for men and women and all available as separates too!
I chose natural colours and natural looking textures for the winter warmers outfits and boots.

The coat comes with 3 versions - vest , bomber jacket, and coat, each with prim attachments - the coat with flexi - 2 sizes included.

The suede pants are available in 3 colours , the chocolate pair is included in the winter set. The come both on pant and underpant layer. If youre in the sf design update group the tan pair are free!!
You can buy the set which includes coat, pants, sweater and boots ( plus skirt and tights in womens version) for 500 lindens or as separates.

Lots of options so do come and see them at SF Design Innisfree
these items are no trans so if you would like them gift wrapped and sent , please let me know - they will be available on slexchange very soon though.

Models in individual ads- Benu Boyer and Melinda Jensen
Melinda is wearing a skin by Ayiki Takakura, called AYSK-Normal NS2 package - Ayiki skins are now available at the SF Design store Innisfree and well worth trying a demo :)

Wednesday, 21 November 2007

SF Design re-opening party

Sophie very kindly videoed the opening party last thursday with the awesome singing of Guy Goodman. Thanks to everyone who came and made it such a successful evening , we filled the sim and didnt crash it - thank you Phillip Linden lol.
Special thanks to Guy for his great performance, friends and customers,the Lions Pride and True Brits groups for their support, my wonderful models for their hard work and dedication to sf design, lastly to Pie for the great new building SF Design is now housed in.

Thursday, 15 November 2007

sf design heavenly corsets by Elle

I know I said I'd bring you 4 corsets this week but they lent themselves to full outfits as well as stand alone corsets and I got terribly sidetracked (making a matching mens tux lol.)
The first corset - floral by Elle I used in my sf design 'flora' adding a heavy full skirt in cocoa silk covered in fine lace I created from the floral fabric, and matching gloves.
The overbust corset alone retails at 100 lindens ,( buy in rl here Heavenly Corsets)
the full evening dress 300.
The second corset is this wasp waist underbust corset by Elle in a muave silk dupion that postively glows and gives a 'dramatic silhouhette' I decided to match it with some lacy lingerie in an outfit called Petite Coquine for obvious reasons - its definitely cheeky! - the outfit includes stockings , garter/suspender belt,lace flexi frill, 2 lace tops one transparent one opaque and lace panties as well as the corset.
Underbust corset alone - 100 lindens - buy in rl here Heavenly Corsets

sf design Petite coquine - 200 lindens.

More Elle corsets coming to you from SF Design soon

Models Melinda Jensen and swaffette Firefly

SF Design Tripper shoes for men and a new tux

Heres the latest release for the guys at sf design if you get yourself down to Innisfree between the hours of 11am and 4pm game time today you can pick them up for just half price!!
SF Design Tripper shoes are equally at home with jeans or a tux they come in 2 styles one with a chain across and one with laces. Lots of guys have been asking me for plain black lace ups so here you go :)
Unfortunately due to how things are in sl at the moment I am selling these shoes no mod no trans but i have put out a demo shoe so you can try for size , they come in large , medium and small sizes. As always if you have any problems just im me and we can get you some to fit , but im pretty confident one of these sizes should fit you well :) normally these will retail at 200 lindens.
The latest tux from sf design is the SFD cocoa tux with floral tie - the fabric for the vest/waistcoat and tie are the same as the new corset from sf design Flora so you can match your lady. This tux offers lots of options the pants come with prim legs, the jacket comes with flexi tails, long coat, or regular flexi length. There are 2 vests one with a sleeve filler incorporated. Normally this will retail at 400 lindens and is mod/copy

Model Dice Stonebender

You are invited

You are invited to the official opening of our newly refurbished store at Innisfree - any excuse for a party :) I'll be kicking off with some djing at 11am game time followed by the wonderful live singing of Guy Goodman at 1pm - then DJ Forever Delaid promises to rock your socks off at 2pm.
SF Design models will be available to show any items you would like to see and the new releases.
New releases both for men and women will be available during the opening party hours only at half price! (Check this blog later today for details)
Goodie bags available for customers during the party hours too :)
Hope to see you later @ Innisfree

Tuesday, 6 November 2007

SF Design joins real life designer Elle of Heavenly Corsets

Some of you may have heard the exciting news that SF Design have been given full permission to represent real life designer Elle of Heavenly Corsets here in Second Life, by recreating her designs exclusively for your avatars.
I am able at last to give you a preview of whats to come :) The corset shown here is called Flora and you can read all the details of the real life item on Elles website
'Heavenly Corsets have been creating bespoke corsetry and corseted wedding gowns for over a decade, and they are proud to offer an unsurpassed service for made-to-measure tight-lacing corsets at an unbeatable price'
We hope we can do justice to Elle's designs by bringing them to you at SF Design
Four of Elle's corsets (including the flora corset) will be available in our shops from the 15th of November which will also be the grand opening of the new shop at Innisfree - details to follow.

Saturday, 3 November 2007

sf design cordelia

I made the bodice of this dress some weeks ago inspired by some lace, I thought it was about time i finished the outfit off so here it is :)
It includes prim shoes and 2 flexi skirts one slightly slimmer fitting - although the item is modifiable.
Come and check it out at the newly refurbished store at Innisfree

Friday, 2 November 2007

Lord Lace Ice

I was asked to recreate Lord Lace in a bluish white that would match someones wedding dress, my heart sank at white lol but I finished it just in time to wear for halloween with a Nomine skin and white hair - so I decided to release it both for women and men as Ive enjoyed wearing it so much.
It comes as all Lord Lace outfits with prim shoes, flexi lace, and prim collar, the guys version includes 2 flexi lower jackets one for slimmer fit avs and the standard skirt lower jacket as optional. - wear which suits your particular av.
Find them at Lotus and the new shop at Innisfree :)

SF Design facelift at Innisfree

Well after a nightmare of a day yesterday moving hundreds of boxes we finally have got the new shop in place at Innisfree without having to shut the island at all :) yay.
Thanks to Pie, Axel and Jamir for their help , particularly Pie for building the new store :)
surprisingly it looks like a smiley face from a birdseye view lol.
Hopefully its not too confusing although the mens dept and womens dept have swapped sides. There is a map and tp board to help and just im me if you need assistance.
Freebies and some discounted bargains are in the balcony areas above each dept, there are changing rooms for those who like to check out their new outfits before going public :)
Theres still some work to do but all the items are in place i think - with new things to come :)
Keep a look out for your invite to the official opening coming sooon I hope !