Friday, 30 November 2007

sf design winter warmer boots

I thought id just blog these boots on their own ,even though they are part of the winter set collection -
These sculptie boots are in the ugg style
First a tan lace up style calf length in a tan suede with a faux fur top and are available in small, medium and large sizes - please come to the store and try the demo to find your size if you are not sure.

The second a short suede boot with sheepskin style fold over top , they come in both tan and light tan

For the first time I am having to make my boots copy only , I have tried to maintain mod/trans because i know alot of my customers wanted it that way particularly with boots and shoes but having been alerted to 3 different 'designers' over the last couple of months who have or are selling replica of my boots my hand is forced into doing this. You can expect people to make similar styles Im not talking about that, Im talking about exact copies and one of these shop owners even had my handmade pixie boot texture. ( Fortunately she had the grace to apologise and take her (my) items down.)
Therefore boots in the future will be copy only - if you would like to give these boots as a gift please let me know , likewise if you have trouble fitting them.

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