Friday, 2 November 2007

SF Design facelift at Innisfree

Well after a nightmare of a day yesterday moving hundreds of boxes we finally have got the new shop in place at Innisfree without having to shut the island at all :) yay.
Thanks to Pie, Axel and Jamir for their help , particularly Pie for building the new store :)
surprisingly it looks like a smiley face from a birdseye view lol.
Hopefully its not too confusing although the mens dept and womens dept have swapped sides. There is a map and tp board to help and just im me if you need assistance.
Freebies and some discounted bargains are in the balcony areas above each dept, there are changing rooms for those who like to check out their new outfits before going public :)
Theres still some work to do but all the items are in place i think - with new things to come :)
Keep a look out for your invite to the official opening coming sooon I hope !

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Pie said...

It's been a pleasure for me to help Swaff out by building this new mall for her. Hopefully everyone will find the store much easier to navigate around as well as be able to find the incredible clothing that Swaff has to offer.

And yes, I totally fudged on flipping the men's and women's depts, so don't go yellin' at Swaff, lol :D All my fault.

Best of luck with the new space, my friend.