Thursday, 15 November 2007

SF Design Tripper shoes for men and a new tux

Heres the latest release for the guys at sf design if you get yourself down to Innisfree between the hours of 11am and 4pm game time today you can pick them up for just half price!!
SF Design Tripper shoes are equally at home with jeans or a tux they come in 2 styles one with a chain across and one with laces. Lots of guys have been asking me for plain black lace ups so here you go :)
Unfortunately due to how things are in sl at the moment I am selling these shoes no mod no trans but i have put out a demo shoe so you can try for size , they come in large , medium and small sizes. As always if you have any problems just im me and we can get you some to fit , but im pretty confident one of these sizes should fit you well :) normally these will retail at 200 lindens.
The latest tux from sf design is the SFD cocoa tux with floral tie - the fabric for the vest/waistcoat and tie are the same as the new corset from sf design Flora so you can match your lady. This tux offers lots of options the pants come with prim legs, the jacket comes with flexi tails, long coat, or regular flexi length. There are 2 vests one with a sleeve filler incorporated. Normally this will retail at 400 lindens and is mod/copy

Model Dice Stonebender

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