Friday, 26 October 2007

Halloween @ SF Design

I thought id better join in with the halloween milarky just abit of fun as I havent had much time since my trip to Amsterdam.

This flexi cloak includes a hood with scarf and hood without, plus hood with the freebie sculpty skull in . At just 150 lindens it should be useful after halloween too. (If you were already in sf design update group when this went out the cloaks are a free halloween gift :) )
Once youve bought your cloak choose from 4 other horror head add ons - scarey, scream, hannibal and witch, both large and small sizes included. Ive thrown a few silly sound gestures in too. The hood addons are just 80 lindens.

The cloaks come in both large and small sizes and are displayed in the middle of both Lotus and Innisfree mens and womens depts.

Friday, 19 October 2007

sfd open jackets

Finally the sfd open jacket - with all the options. Jackets for men have numerous problems unless they are short they are too tight into the backside which is why I offer a skirt layer as the lower part of the jacket but this too causes problems making the backside look bigger than normal ( btw guys us girls usually create a shape with a smaller butt for wearing with skirts and dresses just in case you didnt know it cures this :)) Sooooo now I am offering flexi prims for the lower part of the jacket this itself causes problems with fitting shapes but I have included two sizes and am keeping fingers crossed lol.
Each jacket is 125 lindens and comes with all the above said options.
Available in blue,brown,chestnut,black and red.

Im also offering a whole set - jeans, jacket and pullover in the autumn colours for just 275

sfd vnecks

Next in the release is this inventory essential - sfd vneck pullovers equally good without anything underneath or with a shirt and tie - each set comes on jacket layer for longer length, shirt layer for tucked but also lower on underpant layer for wearing with low rise pants, included is a tucked plain white tshirt - all for only 80 lindens.
Available in tan,blue, red, black, grey

New sfd jeans

A complete set of sfd essentials for men released this week and Ive tried to cover all the options in each one -
First new sfd countryboy jeans - choose from black, blue, brown or faded.
Each pair include belted and unbelted - on pants layer and on underpants layer for use in boots, They also are my first sculptie prim legged jeans try em and let me know what you think :)
These jeans are 'snug' fit but as always modifiable :)
perfectly coool on women but a low rise version coming soon

mod/trans for 125 each colour

Friday, 12 October 2007

SF Design feature in KSG Fashion Show

Today at 1pm SL time SF Design will be on display at the KSG Fashion Show
'Formosa Commercial' 85.103.27

The show is organised by Kylie Seale owner and creator of 'KSG' -provider of Professional Models, Model Training, Fashion shows and Marketing solutions.

Over 40 outfits and separates will be on display all created by Swaffette Firefly, so make sure you dont miss this opportunity to see them all worn by professional models. Briar Rose Ballgowns and B&G will also be showing their fashion items.
I managed to see the show during the setting up stage and it all looks a fab layout and build. congrats to Kylie.

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Second Guy Mall Hosts Fashion DJ Events (SF Design)

Fall into Fashion Event

Second Guy Mall is hosting an event tonight (11th Oct) at 2pm SL time. Where Swaffette Firefly will be DJ'ing and representing SF Design, There is a prize up for grabs of 2500L to the best dressed avatar in SF Design Clothing, and with plenty cool SFD outfits out there, you won't be stuck for choice.

The mall boasts a massive collection of male designers outfits from all over SL and is owned and run by LB Fellini and Balthasar Balhaus.

As well as the 2500L prize, all those attending will also receive a 200L voucher for SFD clothing. Hope to see you all there.

all the action is taking place at
Sweetgrass Mall 125, 108, 251

Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Hoorah for flexi fur

Its almost a year since I painted my very first fur texture and placed it on some flexi prims :) Lots of crazy things have happened since, not the least animal rights in sl werent happy with me! its only pixels! I don't of course condone the use of real animal fur in my first life but I do love abit of luxury faux fur and how better to glam up a knitted cardi.
sfd Hooded jackets have a mixed wool knit texture with a sculpty prim hood and cuffs edged with long sfd flexi fur. You get 2 jackets one with zip a lil lower and one zipped up for your personal preference. Included is a shirt layer purely for sleeve filling and a belted black suede mini.
Ideal with sfd suede boots or velvet crush boots (now available in black)
These jackets come in 3 colours - sea, berry and fire, and are available at Innisfree and Lotus by the tps.
Price - 220
Model - Melinda Jensen

Monday, 8 October 2007

sfd knitted hats with colour scripted hair

Ive been having fun with my knitting needles lol
After the success of the cable knit outfit I got playing around with my sculpties and hat textures. These hats are abit of fun fixed with flexi hair which is colour scripted - just touch the hat and choose from 12 colours from the drop down menu.
The hats although out in the mens dept do fit women as well , they appear no mod because of the script in them but they are easily resizable.
colours for the hair included are black, white,brown, blonde, sandy, ginger, red, purple, pink, teal,light green,and orange.

perms mod/copy
price 100 lindens
model Jamir Jimenez

Thursday, 4 October 2007

spanish army & Red Lord Lace

Two requests that have been in my lil sl book were a Red version of the popular Lord Lace outfit and a plea from the Spanish Army in sl- how could I refuse?
I was approached by Oerlikon Contraves a sergeant in the Spanish Army rl some time ago and he has been very patient waiting until I could fulfil his request - maybe not all the ranks he has asked for but its a start LOL. Great for costume events or just something different at a formal.
Lord Lace - coat with lower flexi, flexi lace , shirt , jacket , pants and prim shoes. - 400 lindens( Designed to partner Lady Lace Red) Model- Jamir Jimenez
Spanish Army Ball Uniform :- Jacket ,lower jacket on skirt layer,pants,prim cap,prim epaulettes, shirt to fill sleeves. 300 lindens. Model-Dice Stonebender

Wednesday, 3 October 2007

Autumn madness

I actually went shopping this week - sl shopping that is :) I saw from the forums that Alyssa Bijoux one of my favourite jewellery makers had brought out some awesome new chokers which i couldnt help but go and buy. While I was at her shop I spotted these great masks and being an autumn baby was drawn to the beautiful copper one. mmm then I needed an outfit to go with it - frivolous and cheeky this new outfit from sf design is great for salsa dancing with its flexi skirt and armbands. Two skirts are included a double layer and a single layer one. Alternatively there is a textured skirt that can be worn without flexis.

Model:- Roberta Goodnight
Buy Autumn Salsa on slexchange