Tuesday, 9 October 2007

Hoorah for flexi fur

Its almost a year since I painted my very first fur texture and placed it on some flexi prims :) Lots of crazy things have happened since, not the least animal rights in sl werent happy with me! its only pixels! I don't of course condone the use of real animal fur in my first life but I do love abit of luxury faux fur and how better to glam up a knitted cardi.
sfd Hooded jackets have a mixed wool knit texture with a sculpty prim hood and cuffs edged with long sfd flexi fur. You get 2 jackets one with zip a lil lower and one zipped up for your personal preference. Included is a shirt layer purely for sleeve filling and a belted black suede mini.
Ideal with sfd suede boots or velvet crush boots (now available in black)
These jackets come in 3 colours - sea, berry and fire, and are available at Innisfree and Lotus by the tps.
Price - 220
Model - Melinda Jensen

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mark & howard said...

we love a bit of glamour too! - love the fur! Fake fur is cool! Real fur - nice and warm for animals!