Thursday, 4 October 2007

spanish army & Red Lord Lace

Two requests that have been in my lil sl book were a Red version of the popular Lord Lace outfit and a plea from the Spanish Army in sl- how could I refuse?
I was approached by Oerlikon Contraves a sergeant in the Spanish Army rl some time ago and he has been very patient waiting until I could fulfil his request - maybe not all the ranks he has asked for but its a start LOL. Great for costume events or just something different at a formal.
Lord Lace - coat with lower flexi, flexi lace , shirt , jacket , pants and prim shoes. - 400 lindens( Designed to partner Lady Lace Red) Model- Jamir Jimenez
Spanish Army Ball Uniform :- Jacket ,lower jacket on skirt layer,pants,prim cap,prim epaulettes, shirt to fill sleeves. 300 lindens. Model-Dice Stonebender

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