Friday, 19 October 2007

sfd open jackets

Finally the sfd open jacket - with all the options. Jackets for men have numerous problems unless they are short they are too tight into the backside which is why I offer a skirt layer as the lower part of the jacket but this too causes problems making the backside look bigger than normal ( btw guys us girls usually create a shape with a smaller butt for wearing with skirts and dresses just in case you didnt know it cures this :)) Sooooo now I am offering flexi prims for the lower part of the jacket this itself causes problems with fitting shapes but I have included two sizes and am keeping fingers crossed lol.
Each jacket is 125 lindens and comes with all the above said options.
Available in blue,brown,chestnut,black and red.

Im also offering a whole set - jeans, jacket and pullover in the autumn colours for just 275

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