Monday, 24 August 2009

sf design carmella gown.

Ive always been a fan of those wonderful hollywood evening gowns from the 40s when women were pleasantly raphaelite in shape and gowns accentuated the curves. I wanted to create such a gown and what better fabric than satin to show the shadow of the body beneath in a most seductive way. To bring the gown up to date i decided to use the asymmetrical bodice which seems to be popular at the moment and leave the gown open down one side fastened by clasps.
The optional bow is colour change scripted , matching shoes are included, plus an underpant layer which allows the outfit to be worn as a swimsuit.
The gown is mod/trans (but mod/copy is available on request) and is available in 5 different colours - blue, purple, red, ivory and black

Sunday, 16 August 2009

SF Design morning suits - wedding day

4 years ago i was asked by a dear friend of mine to make him a traditional english morning suit for his sl wedding - its still a very popular part of our formal range but i thought as a celebration of its 4 years and indeed my friends 4 year wedding anniversary i would release some new morning suits. Ive updated the pants and included both a plain pair and a pair with the lower vest on for a more natural look. The coat is the new Ascot coat sporting the familar oxford style coat tail on the skirt layer. The waistcoats /vests are detailed in an embroidered silk in a choice of 5 stunning colours and come on both jacket and shirt layers as well as a shirt version with sleeve filler. The shirt has a matching silk ascot tie/cravat textured on to it and there is also a sculpted part that can be worn to enhance it. As always with the sf design morning suit a prim pocket hanky is provided to match.

The vests shirts and ties can be bought as separates in the 5 colours and also as a fatpack.
These are currently at our High Society Stores and in our Look book if you already have the Look Book it will be automatically updated.

Sunday, 9 August 2009

Free during august @ sf design

Come and get your free gift from SF Design because it wont be free when August is over! The performance hat matches the new SF Design performance suits , it is texture change so a click can change the hat to match your suit with 8 different textures. The hat is cleverly sculpted by Instorm and textured by sf design. The SF Design hat hair that comes with the hat is not built to wear on its own but will fit with most hats as well as the performance hat. For that reason the hat and hair are separate which also means you can wear the hat at the angle you wish or without the hair. The hair is included in 3 sizes and 4 colours. Although the hat will appear no mod because of the script its fully resizeable via menu or in edit.