Monday, 24 November 2008

sf design brogues - colour change

SF Design brogues are lace up 'no nonsense' shoes - these are menu driven colour change - choose from 6 colours and resizeable via menu or edit mode. Ideal for suits or formal . Demo available in all sf design mainstores. Each box contains 3 ready made sizes for you to make for easy adjusting but each can be resized via menu or edit.
Even though the shoes will appear no mod in your inventory they are in fact modifiable - its the scripts that are not.
the small size included will fit women.
These shoes are made with original textures and sculpted maps.

Sunday, 16 November 2008

After the ball is over...

Wow what a fabulous time we had last night at the opening party of High Society - thanks so much to all the wonderful friends and customers who made the evening successful - a special thanks to Guy Goodman for singing - his zoot suit riot is HOT , and the beautiful Emerald Bijoux for djing the rest of the party.

I promised 3 releases and this is the other - perfect for going home after a night dancing ;)

A retro style frilled dress shirt with open collar or buttoned options - as well as tucked and untucked - 2 pairs of dress pants one with the lower shirt on , one without, 2 bowties one tied one loose and flexi - a sculpted open collar. It comes in 3 pastel colours and white . Available at the new High Society store now.

Friday, 14 November 2008

Today at 2pm!

We are opening a new branch of SF Design at 2pm today specialising in Formal wear and all that you need to make your evening or wedding outfits complete.

The opening begins with Guy Goodman singing live in the conservatory ballroom at the back of the store and continues with our own Innisfree radio playing swing and jazz music. Sunday contiunes the celebrations with more djing and live singer Offerus Fouquet at 12.30.

There are 3 new releases that will be on offer for HALF price during the weekend only so pay us a visit :)

Heres 2 of them the new Courtesan Gown using the courtesan corset from real life designer - Elle of Heavenly corsets is available in gold or silver and the matching Hamilton tux in either black n gold or black n silver. The Hamilton offers a number of options- bowtie or tie, longer vest , longer line flexi coat or regular jacket with back flap.

Friday, 7 November 2008

coming soon - High Society

Quality clothes , reasonable prices, reliable customer service, orginal designs - thats what you can expect at High Society
SF Design has been providing clothes in secondlife for 4 years this autumn, to celebrate we decided our formal wear deserved a branch all of its own - High Society - opening weekend of the 15th November with a vip party -

have a peek through the door ;-) More info coming soon.

Matching tuxes and gowns
Formal separates
Formal accessories
Cocktail dresses
Morning suits
Period formal wear
Wedding Attire