Friday, 22 August 2008

new releases from sf design

Its been a summer of live music and festivals here in rl despite the bad weather and one of the highlights was the Glastonbury Extravaganza, fireworks, a picnic and live singing by Lulu and Squeeze on the friday - the feeling and kate nash on the saturday. SF Designs latest release has been loosely based on one of the outfits Lulu wore -
SF Design LuLu is a sexy ensemble of stretchy black and white striped shirt and a black mini over dress with flexi prim skirt - easily resized with a menu driven script -( wear it tiny if you wish ;) includes panties

sfd heeled slouch boots are an ideal match with the lulu outfit.Soft flexible leather and chunky heels these too have the resize script to make for a perfect fit. They come complete with matching bangles .

Saturday, 16 August 2008

SF Design Henley - new outfit for men

the last of the summer, a picnic by the Thames . . .

this outfit says Henley regatta .....

Bridesheads Revisited.....

and a shout out to the great GB team who once again brought home gold for rowing in the olympics.

A classy and detailed blazer sporting a rowing coat of arms,includes 3 sizes of 'jacket flap' to hide that butt issue.

A short sleeved pullover both on jacket layer for a longer look and shirt layer for tucked and a sleeve filler version to wear under the blazer.

A dash striped short sleeved shirt with sculpted collar and rolled up sleeves - 1prim each for easy resize.

Stone coloured flannels with front pleats and blue belt.

A prim straw boater.

All mod/trans - if you require mod/copy just drop me an im.

model skin - David - Adam n Eve

Friday, 8 August 2008

sf design Safari :) - new items for FREE

This weeks new items from SF Design - all with an animal theme are FREE at the mainstores now for 2 days only .
However youre going to have to find them!
Hidden around the store are 6 different animals - 6 in the ladies dept and 6 in the men. Find them - buy them for 0 and receive the new items from SF Design - one in each animal.
For the ladies we have the sfd bambam dress in 3 different animal prints - a tight dress with a cheeky short flexi skirt - and a 'wild' bikini with chain detail - in the same prints.

For the men we have 2 shirts with flexi ties in safari prints , a safari style shirt and if you have a yearning to play tarzan 3 thongs with flexi loincloth - grrrrrrrrrr.

nb the items will be mod/copy only for the duration of the safari.

Go safari !! after the weekend these items will be on sale.

perfect jewellery to go with your sf design gowns

TJake Kearny of jewelry by Jake sent me his new collection - the Napier Collection - its a beautiful, higly detailed, precise piece of work and goes perfectly with the SF Design Ultimate Lil Black Dress as shown by Jakes model :) Take a look at his store of elegant and fine jewelry. Jewelry by Jake

Tuesday, 5 August 2008

New shirts @ sf design

The new shirts at sf design come in both female and male fit with sculpted collar and cuffs. Tucked on shirt layer and longer on jacket layer they come with a flexi option for the looser look. Brighten up your wardrobe with this flowered print in either blue or orange.

Saturday, 2 August 2008

New from sf design

SF Design Board shorts come with matching sculpted flipflops in this great blue/black hibiscus fabric. The shorts are fully modifiable for you to shorten or loosen as you choose and come with prim leg attachments - sculpted back pockets and flexi waist tie.
Included are both medium and large sized flipflops although these too are modifiable.
The whole set is also available in a female fit with size 0 flipflops.