Friday, 24 April 2009

new tails tux white @ sf design

sf design tails tux molto bello - white
3 sizes of prim tails
pants with or without lower vest/waistcoat
vest/waistcoat  with or without sleeve filler
shirt on undershirt layer
prim bowtie with collar tips
prim cravat with pin
sculpted top hat
all available in mod/trans or mod/copy

this outfit is tintable and works well when tinted light colours.


recommended white shoes
carl perkins - jeepers creepers
shanghai - jeepers creepers
sebastian - chalk - jeepers creepers

Elegance Shoes -White- *REDGRAVE* 

Belleza - Mathieu sk 2-E

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Happy Easter from SF Design

SF Design has a free bunny suit for men and women in the mainstores at Innisfree and Lotus , and the formal store High Society at Penryn. 
This cute velour all in one zipped suit is great fun with its fur tail and sculpted ears, the female version has a flexi fur hood option and both have hoods up or hoods down options.

Just search the stores for this bunny poster to get your free costume

Friday, 3 April 2009

nautical navy

I'm so late with spring releases I've decided to bypass spring all together and be on the ball for summer :P 
Two new versatile outfits from SF Design
SF Design Nautical Navy for the guys and SF Design Polka Dot playsuit for the ladies - loads of options loads of versatility.
Nautical Navy includes blazer with sculpted lapels, pants low rise and standard , shorts with prim legs - low rise and standard, long sleeved tee untucked and tucked options, socks and resizable deck shoes.
the Polka Dot playsuit includes swimsuit with mini skirt, shorts with prim legs, navy linen bolero jacket , bows for front of outfit and for hair, socks and resizable deck shoes.
The little sailor cap is now free at sf design Innisfree.

The adorable sailboat jewelry is from Alyssa Bijoux