Friday, 8 August 2008

sf design Safari :) - new items for FREE

This weeks new items from SF Design - all with an animal theme are FREE at the mainstores now for 2 days only .
However youre going to have to find them!
Hidden around the store are 6 different animals - 6 in the ladies dept and 6 in the men. Find them - buy them for 0 and receive the new items from SF Design - one in each animal.
For the ladies we have the sfd bambam dress in 3 different animal prints - a tight dress with a cheeky short flexi skirt - and a 'wild' bikini with chain detail - in the same prints.

For the men we have 2 shirts with flexi ties in safari prints , a safari style shirt and if you have a yearning to play tarzan 3 thongs with flexi loincloth - grrrrrrrrrr.

nb the items will be mod/copy only for the duration of the safari.

Go safari !! after the weekend these items will be on sale.


bestonline323 said...

i like the mens thong swimwear underwear type thing i think its lovely tarzan and jane style, keep up the goo dwork, great post!


mens thong swimwear

swaffette Firefly said...

ty jonathon :)