Thursday, 11 October 2007

Second Guy Mall Hosts Fashion DJ Events (SF Design)

Fall into Fashion Event

Second Guy Mall is hosting an event tonight (11th Oct) at 2pm SL time. Where Swaffette Firefly will be DJ'ing and representing SF Design, There is a prize up for grabs of 2500L to the best dressed avatar in SF Design Clothing, and with plenty cool SFD outfits out there, you won't be stuck for choice.

The mall boasts a massive collection of male designers outfits from all over SL and is owned and run by LB Fellini and Balthasar Balhaus.

As well as the 2500L prize, all those attending will also receive a 200L voucher for SFD clothing. Hope to see you all there.

all the action is taking place at
Sweetgrass Mall 125, 108, 251

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