Friday, 2 November 2007

Lord Lace Ice

I was asked to recreate Lord Lace in a bluish white that would match someones wedding dress, my heart sank at white lol but I finished it just in time to wear for halloween with a Nomine skin and white hair - so I decided to release it both for women and men as Ive enjoyed wearing it so much.
It comes as all Lord Lace outfits with prim shoes, flexi lace, and prim collar, the guys version includes 2 flexi lower jackets one for slimmer fit avs and the standard skirt lower jacket as optional. - wear which suits your particular av.
Find them at Lotus and the new shop at Innisfree :)

1 comment:

Torley said...

This looks pretty dapper, I want to check it out inworld. :) Very classy, in a classical composer sorta way!