Thursday, 15 November 2007

sf design heavenly corsets by Elle

I know I said I'd bring you 4 corsets this week but they lent themselves to full outfits as well as stand alone corsets and I got terribly sidetracked (making a matching mens tux lol.)
The first corset - floral by Elle I used in my sf design 'flora' adding a heavy full skirt in cocoa silk covered in fine lace I created from the floral fabric, and matching gloves.
The overbust corset alone retails at 100 lindens ,( buy in rl here Heavenly Corsets)
the full evening dress 300.
The second corset is this wasp waist underbust corset by Elle in a muave silk dupion that postively glows and gives a 'dramatic silhouhette' I decided to match it with some lacy lingerie in an outfit called Petite Coquine for obvious reasons - its definitely cheeky! - the outfit includes stockings , garter/suspender belt,lace flexi frill, 2 lace tops one transparent one opaque and lace panties as well as the corset.
Underbust corset alone - 100 lindens - buy in rl here Heavenly Corsets

sf design Petite coquine - 200 lindens.

More Elle corsets coming to you from SF Design soon

Models Melinda Jensen and swaffette Firefly


Melinda Jensen said...

These outfits are wonderful! truely excellent! I Love them.

Melinda Jensen

PS, Tamie looks great *Wink*

swaffette Firefly said...

apologies melinda!!! lol of course it is modelled buy Melinda Jensen
SF Design model extraordinaire!