Tuesday, 6 November 2007

SF Design joins real life designer Elle of Heavenly Corsets

Some of you may have heard the exciting news that SF Design have been given full permission to represent real life designer Elle of Heavenly Corsets here in Second Life, by recreating her designs exclusively for your avatars.
I am able at last to give you a preview of whats to come :) The corset shown here is called Flora and you can read all the details of the real life item on Elles website
'Heavenly Corsets have been creating bespoke corsetry and corseted wedding gowns for over a decade, and they are proud to offer an unsurpassed service for made-to-measure tight-lacing corsets at an unbeatable price'
We hope we can do justice to Elle's designs by bringing them to you at SF Design
Four of Elle's corsets (including the flora corset) will be available in our shops from the 15th of November which will also be the grand opening of the new shop at Innisfree - details to follow.

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