Saturday, 1 March 2008

From business to pleasure for men AND women ;)

Model:- Jericho Slade
There are two things that im often asked for which ive tried to combine in this new item - 1) plain white shirts - I've been asked for them buttoned up , unbuttoned , open neck you name it lol tucked , untucked so here we have all the options,including a lower shirt on pant layer for the low rise pants . Also included are 3 flexi ties regular, loose and undone.
2) The other thing I'm often asked for is mens clothes for women - girls theres nothing stopping you! only logistics stops me putting out a lot of the mens clothes in the womens dept with female posters - the only thing you might have trouble with is prims and im happy to adjust them to female fit for anyone. Many of the male items i have on sale look great on girls and to prove it I've repackaged the guys shirt for girls and adjusted the ties for female fit. So go on girls borrow the boyfriend's shirt ;)
These items are mod/copy so you can tint and keep a range of colours in your inventory - if you wish to purchase this for someone else simply pay the gifting box by the item at sf design

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