Wednesday, 3 June 2009

SF Design release their latest business suit at their new mainstore for men

The new suit from SF Design has been a long labour in an effort to bring you the best in design and textures with the ultimate in mix and match ability.
A Classic English slim cut - a return to the cohesive 3 piece -and after much thought I decided on the 2 buttoned jacket - 'My preference for a modern suit. It conveys height, slims the waist, and fits perfectly within the realm of fashion and classicism.'* Daniel P Dykes
This is the perfect business mans suit with textured shirt and tie or prim shirt and tie option, but dress this suit with the open essentials shirt black from sf design or the london tshirt from sf design and you're ready for clubbing too!
Shirts are on both undershirt and shirt layer for flexibility - a long shirt option is available on jacket layer or on underpant for low rise pants. All is done to ensure you can wear either the shirt with other items or the suit with other shirts. The shirt also comes with sculpted cuffs and beautiful original cufflinks by Accacia Brissot
The vest has sleeve filler option to fill out the suit jacket sleeves, the pants have sculpted prim turn ups , better still all is modifiable so you can go even further to creating your own look. This suit is available in charcoal, blue , dk blue, grey , tan and marble all with their own complimenting tie textures. It is also available for women at SF Design with skirt or pant options.

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