Monday, 1 June 2009

The new stores are open :)

SF Design is pleased to announce their new stores are open on Penryn - now you have a shopping complex with all your favourite sf design outfits and some new ones!-  the guys have their own Menswear store with a brand new business suit released today - and we are taking part in the MHO hunt so look for the male sign on the wall in the new menswear store to get your free gift, 
There is also a free outfit for men in the model cutout in the middle of the store , and a free dress/swimsuit by the mannikin in the middle of the ladies store.
The wonderful singer/guitarist - Offerus Fouquet will be playing at 12.3opm for you at the stores and DJ Allenclive Beaumont will be entertaining us from 9am

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Anonymous said...

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