Tuesday, 10 August 2010

SF design Tuscan Linen suits for men and women

This suit was released first at the Summer of Love fair last month - since the close of the fair this weekend it is now available at our mainstores - The suit comes in both a white and an oatmeal version, pants , jackets and shirts are available as separates.

The suit includes hat and matching shoes,
The jacket comes with full length sleeves or with pushed up sleeves , pants come with leg prims, the shirt comes tucked and untucked with a sculpted collar.

Items are mod/trans but mod/copy is available on request.


Anonymous said...

May i ask what hair the male model wears that fits under the hat?

I have a hard time finding fitting ones. :)


swaffette Firefly said...
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swaffette Firefly said...

yes the male model is wearing sf design hat hair in the picture :) its free at the menswear store on Penryn.

Anonymous said...

Thanks :)

Cheap Men Suits said...

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