Saturday, 25 September 2010

SF Design's Tribute to Yves St Laurent

SF Design will take part today on September 25th, 10 am in the final BOSL Fashion Week show, A tribute to the great Yves Saint Laurent . (ONE OF THE ATTENDEES WILL WIN THE ENTIRE YVES SAINT LAURENT COLLECTION!!!) SF Design has entered this specially created outfit, called 'Le Smoking' a tribute to the man himself and his designs.
"'Created in 1966 by famous couturier Yves Saint Laurent the Le Smoking tuxedo suit for women was the first of its kind to earn attention in the fashion world and in popular culture. It pioneered long, minimalist, androgynous styles for women, as well as the use of power suits and the pantsuit in modern-day society.
Yves Saint-Laurent was seen by many as having empowered women by giving them the option to wear clothes that were normally worn by men with influence and power' - wikipedia

The SF Design Version of Le Smoking features a velvet tuxedo jacket with sculpted collar , prim sleeves and flexi . The jacket has a collar version that incorporates the shirt winged collar and jacket sleeves that incorporate the shirt cuff frills. But it also has a version without so that the jacket can be worn with other shirts and tops.
The dress shirt also has an individual winged collar and frilled sleeves so it can be worn on its own without the jacket. The shirt features a front frilled panel with a western style bowtie.
The dress pants are high waisted featuring 3 buttons, a faint stripe in the fabric, a black satin cummerbund and sculpted pant legs.
To complete the outfit a pair of black patent mary janes are included.
This item will be sold exclusively at our SF Design store@ The Best of SL Boulevard.
from the 26th of Sept.

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