Tuesday, 30 November 2010

A touch of Bollywood

Dare to be different on the dance floor - my latest tux has an indian influence with its
dandiya vest and nehru style jacket.
Plenty of options as always -
The jacket and pants fabric have a subtle pattern and slight shine and there are 2 pairs of pants one with the lower vest on one without.
The jacket comes with and without vest on the same layer.
You will find a collar for the jacket, a shirt and jacket collar combo and a shirt collar on its own.
There are prim jacket cuffs , prim jacket cuffs with shirt cuffs . Also provided are shirt cuffs with cufflinks for you to wear without the jacket.
The flexi jacket comes in 3 premade sizes but there is also one with a resizer, just left click it for menu.
The emilio shoes in black come with this tux and feature an alpha layer.
The siddhart tux is available in 2 colours - ice or fire.

model :- Siddhart Sohmers

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