Sunday, 11 October 2009

new shirts for him and his shirt for her!! @ sf design

sf design flannel shirts come in 2 versions the mens shirt and the sf design 'bf shirt' for women
Great for layering -
the shirts include both open jacket , closed jacket  and tucked shirt versions with an underpant layer included for low rise pants. 

The shirts sport sculpted collars for both open and buttoned, flexi for the open version and sculpted cuffs (the womens included sculpted upper arms for more bulk and a sculpted belt for a skirted version too.) The shirts have an additional prim shirt to tie round the waist.

The shirts are available in 3 colours , red, blue and grey

The womens fit is available in the ladies dept at Penryn or Lotus

 The shirts are mod/trans if you require mod/copy please buy the one you want and send to me with a notecard requesting a mod/copy version 

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