Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Exclusive new mesh for men - only available at MWFW

Menswear Fashion Week has started - offering many exclusive new items for men from many designers. Each designer is also offering a new item between 50 and 149L

SF Design has released our first mesh suit - indigo jeans, navy shawl collared jacket with polka dot hankie and a jacket with pinstriped denim vest/waistcoat , shirt and bowtie insert. So not only can you wear this as a set but wear the jacket with other items or the jeans separately.
The outfit is available in indigo or charcoal and comes in 5 standard sizes with 3 alphas , demo available in our booth at the MWFW event.

We are also offering this mesh bowling shirt with New York skyline motif for only 50L during MWFW only.

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