Monday, 1 September 2008

sf design Gladiators - new sandals - and an updated toga

Im slowly updating some of the popular older items and it was the Toga's turn last week - its not only had an overhaul as far as the textures go but ive added some prim attachments - some sculpted some flexi - all of which have the resizing scripts in them for easy modifying- dont worry shy guys theres a pair or roman underpants included too :) As always return your old toga for a free updated one.

To go with the toga I've made some roman
style sandals available in male or female fit - with a detailed texture and flexi prim beaded laces at the back of the ankle. These also have the resize script in them for fitting and demos are available at innisfree and lotus stores.

SF Design model - Dice Stonebender - hair Naughty- "OC" in Black Pearl
- skin -Naughty Beach tan Facial Hair 3

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