Sunday, 7 September 2008

black is back - new releases from SF Design

If you're a fan of the SFD Essentials shirt you'll know all the options that come with it and how versatile it is , now its available in black with a white tintable tie. All the options of the white version - 3 styles of shirt - open, open neck and buttoned , all either tucked or untucked , 3 styles of ties - loose , open and tied, and now added 2 styles of sculpted collar scripted for resizing. Available in both womens and mens fittings.

Also released this week the sfd slouch boots with a low heel in both in both men and womens sizes. The boots are carefully sculpted with buckle detail at the ankle, included are both long and ankle length boots , scripted for menu resizing.
Ideal for rp or just wearing with jeans.

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