Friday, 28 September 2007

sfd vest and shirt sets

These shirts and vests have been available at sf design for some time but I was made to take another look at them when i got a customer complaint. I knew i had made them back in 2005 so there was a good chance they really did need another look. Sure enough the usual issues were apparent - seams on tie collar and vest shoulders were not as accurate as they should have been and the tie itself wasnt even straight - shame on me :( So I have redone the shirts and vests and offered them for a lower price of just 70 each as separates. You can also get them as a set for 120 and this includes a prim tie attachement fitted to tuck in at vest or jacket opening but giving that necessary bulk at the neck instead of the flat painted look. However the original style shirt is also included so the prim attachment is optional.
I am offering a new colour -forest . If any customers require another colour please im me.
Also if you have the old version of these items please feel free to send them back to me and I'll send the update.

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